Friday, October 15, 2010

Fiji Dictator a Frightened Man Needing 24 Hour Security

By Sai Lealea - 15 October 2010

It was reported recently in Fiji that the illegal PM was so frightened of attending a Fijian school anniversary event he needed extra security for protection and employing the tactic of feigning withdrawal as chief guest only to accept the invitation again at the very latest moment as if to keep any would-be assassins guessing. 

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Observers noted him arriving with an entourage comprising two police motor bike out riders, a security vehicle, followed by another vehicle behind the main car. A total of four vehicle escorts for someone supposedly commanding a military of around 5 thousand strong, and no doubt, soon to be armed with Chinese weapons, given all the close hugging pervading the relationship between regime figures and the Chinese of late. On arriving, old scholars reportedly marvelled at the regimental manner the security personnel fanned out inside the venue, no doubt ensuring all vantage points for would be assassins were meticulously identified and blocked off. I would be interested to know if forward planning and a prior visit to the venue were also carried out as part of the assessment. All these just to attend a social event of celebration and merry making among old scholars, teachers, their families and friends.

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All sane people would rightly wonder: why all the security detail and fanfare? Is it a case of sticking to protocol? What would someone in his position elsewhere do? Was there real danger someone might pick him off that night? If so, how, where and with what?

Which ever question you ask you are still baffled at the obviously unjustified need for the level of protection afforded him. Even the most crude risk assessment would still reveal a close to nil level, other than being sworn at by an eternally irate male old scholar, perhaps drunk with fruit punch that were copiously on tap that evening. Though blessed with the opportunity, the two female old scholars who garlanded the illegal PM and his wife lacked both the motive and means to successfully carry out a fatal strike. By all accounts, the fun and celebration during the evening only came alive after the Chief Guest, his wife and his costly entourage left, and after a less than riveting speech plus the obligatory cutting of the anniversary cake.

What was even astounding is the "Yes, No, Yes I am coming" response by the illegal PM to being Chief Guest at the event. No doubt the hard working Organising Committee for the event must have been constantly high with anger fuelled with putrid condemnation for the illegal PM, for playing them around like a yoyo. 

Given past practice, the illegal PM got invited as the Minister for Fijian Affairs, symbolising the school's special link with the Fijian administration of Fiji's government and a tribute to a prominent chief and Fijian statesman the school was named after. I also know quite a few other old scholars who elected to stay away from the event because of the illegal PM's billing as Chief Guest. No doubt they would have rejoiced at his refusal to attend in the first instant, but only to be disappointed when he said yes the third time. Just as well they had still bought tickets to the event to affirm their loyalty and support for the school and its cause but not for the Chief Guest, and what his illegal regime has done to lower the regard and respect for Fijians, their chiefs and their traditional institutions. 

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Therein lay the debilitating irony of the occasion. The man being invited represented the ugly edge to a movement that is ploughing ahead and rooting out aspects of traditional Fijian way of life. His regime's plan to change the leasing of native lands and how lease money is shared among mataqali members are but two of the destructive and wanton changes being proposed and to be put in place without lawful mandates. It must have been gnawing at his vastly diminishing conscience as he contemplated whether or not to attend the event. 

Picture the irony: he told the Fijian chiefs to go drink home brew under a mangoe tree. He was being invited as Chief Guest to a Fijian school named after a Fijian chief who had mana galore by virtue of his high birth, topped off with foresight and wisdom. He stands apart in our history as one who lifted Fijians up during colonial times in order to preserve, nurture and strengthen our identity as a people in our home land. That was among the many legacies he had bequethed to us. In turn, the Chief Guest have since been instrumental in dismantling those bequests. It is no wonder he was suffering fits of uncertainty as to whether or not to attend the event. 

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