Thursday, October 28, 2010

Believe This? You Decide Given Lack of Transparency with the IIlegal Regime in Fiji

Posted on - 28 October 2010

This morning a senior bird from the Fiji government cabinet spoke at lenght to me on some of corrpution PM and AG have been doing:

1. 80 million dollars was transfered direct to the Malaysian company in Malaysia when PM and AG directly agreed into a contract of road building in kIngs road upgrade. No tender nothing and nor even cabinet was informed. The company now rents the Commanders house ( what a disgrace!). Cut from thsi deal was directly put in a malaysian account worth 10 million dollars.

2. AG had the cabinet approve 17 million loan to FBCL last year from FDB and the money has been paid dircetly to the brothers company in New Zealand and then paid back to FBCL. Cost of rennovations has been just over 5 million at the FCBL. Wheres the rest of the money?

3. ADB gave a grant to Fiji worth 25 million dollars USD, but the government announced it was 25 million Fiji Dollars.

4. John Prasad is reciving pay in NZ dollars paid directly to his account in NZ.

This source sits in the cabinet 

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  • In the last few month, those of us privy to information not readily available to the public have witnessed a power struggle played out between the top brass of the Military and VB's chum cha boy Aiyarse Saiyad Khaiyum.

    My well fed Tauvu Commodore Esala Teleni was the first victim or collateral damage of the struggle.

    Last week, it has reached the stage where VB had to make the choice between Aiyarse and his most loyal military and coup conspirators, most notoriously Driti and Ului Mara.

    We now know that VB has chosen the former and in the fall out others have also taken the fall such as military lawyers Aca Rayawa and Rokomokoti. Aziz is now also set to takeover the Prison Services job made vacant with the appointment of Naivalurua to the Police Force.

    Which brings us back to the question, why Aiyarse???????

    My take is that Aiyarse has got VB by the you know what. In other words he knows too much and VB only has two choices, either he keeps him or eliminates him (literally). He knows much more damning information of VB today then anyone else including the combine Military officer corp.

    Not only does he know more, he was infact the architecture and the brains and he holds key evidence that he could expose should Voreqe make the wrong move.

    Voreqe and Aiyarse are now so intertwined that they are like a Siamese twin that share the same heart. If one goes, he will definitely drag the other with him.
  • This is whats is All about......helping themselves to suite there own hip pocket....and all his supporters harping around like a headless chook banging his drums...idiots! we can see how they the illegal wannabe goverment screwing every tom dick & harry so can they can lend them a dollar.
  • any news about the million dollar heist?? seems like the police force has forgotten bout it came early for some.
  • dau qoroqoro ga 1 na turaga ni Beqa dau kaya ....uvauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!
    this is bloody qai 1 na tamani CORRUPTION ka dina.....

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    Anonymous said...

    Have also heard recently (from one of the affected staff members) that all auxiliary staff at the Lautoka Hospital have been laid off in favour of awarding cleaning, cooking and laundry contracts outside to commercial service providers.

    Word is that the company awarded the initial contract for all this is owned by one Aiyaz Saiyad Khaiyum and one John Prasad.