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New Police Chief - Baleilevuka - IS HE Really who he claims to be?

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5 September 2010

Information on New Police Commissioner Joeli Balielevuka

IS HE Really who he claims to be or a Devil in Disguise?
Joeli is a career policeman but his real promotions came when he was the Commendant of the FPA in 2007 and Cmdr. Teleni took over the police force. He pubicly support Teleni and became a strong supporter of his vision and was raised to Director Admin and Finance and then quickly to ACPA or Chief Admin Officer (CAO).
He himself is a SP in the New Methodist Church andn you can have a look at their Jan 2010 listings and find Joeli’s name in the major news magazine of the movement. AS CAO Joeli went ahead and followed Cmdr. Teleni like a pupport and did all the work he was tasked with. But little that Teleni know ( he is finding it out now) that Joeli was not the man he seemed:
1. As a CAO he took Teleni in his confidence because Teleni was always busy with national level so all purchases and Admin matters was looked by Joeli. So Teleni signed just what Joeli briefed him not completely. Joeli was signing cheques of any amounts with Deputy Force Accountant Meli Sateki. They had another major help from Lotus and Deluxe. They had a ASP Sunil in stores who ordered items left right and centre.
             -  just police cups and plates was 1000 cartons purcahsed in 2009
             – belts and uniforms in 1000s’ of qty still lying around in police stores ( you can check at source)
             – and many other items that were purcahsed under Joeli orders, Meli Sateki looked at emgerncy decrees to justify the purchases and ASP Sunil did the ordering.
so the amount in overbusted budget was 6.5 million in 2009 just for items from Lotus and Deluex. Teleni put Mata ( a army guy) in stores to secretly make the reports, he eventually did a 10 pages report which is still lying somewhere in police HQ without any audits. Teleni had to karekare PM to pay in Jan 2010 and PM did. Joeli told Teleni in a justification that its was for police needs.
but what teleni didnt know that Joeli, Meli and Sunil made huge cuts from the purchases. Joeli purcahsed a FP: 580 hyundai tycun gold in clour with Souls to Jesus printed on it. Where did the 49,000.00 came from?
Teleni releaized that he was taken for ride because he misjudged Joeli. Now all balmes falls on Teleni because he was the CP. ASP Sunil in stores owns 3 flats on rent, a fishing business and free cars. wonder where the monies came for for a special officer. His postion is Special ASP.
2. Another serious issue now is that Joeli in 2009 bought from Lotus 4500 – stun guns and when Teleni told him that it was unacceptable because cabinet does not approve policemen in Fiji to carry any weapons, Joeli went behind his back and still paid more than 1 million dollars for the weapons which has been cleverly moved to various police stations and even army is not aware of this.
3. and guess what is gets interesting, Teleni was not able to pay the 12.5% promised to police officers in 2009 because Joeli said that lacked that funds by 6.5 million, and that 6.5 million was used by Joeli and group to Lotus and Deleuxe.
4. So who gets the blame? Teleni of course and to make matters more interesting Jolei is now actg CP and guess what -
        – SP Meli has been moved from Accounts to become self appointed Director Planning and Manager Budget for FPF. so Meli has been given the task to cover up all evidence and also plan strategies for Joeli and  group to get more monies from Lotus and Deluxe.
           - SP meli when he was Force Accountant – has paid this year 2010 in advance millions of dollars signed by Joeli and him to Lotus and Deluxe for items still being delivered.
          – Now Joeli has also the services of the new CAO Isekei Laqari is doing his dirty job in covering up the mess of 2009.
5. Very Cleverly Joeli now adviser Ema Mua has hidden from media about Joeli’s self involement in New Methodist to gain support for his new Actg. Job. On Wednesday Sep 1 St PM called Joeli and told him to to make any changes to the force as Joeli doesnt have any support from Chief Officers of FPF. PS of PM’s office on friday told all senior officers of FPF that church services are now back and reinstated as long as it does not affect the police work. Big slap in Joeli face.
Joeli is the guy wearing the devil;s good mask and trying to look like a good boy and trying to get support. The fact is he is the main cuprit behind all major incidents in FPF not Teleni. yes teleni because he trusted Joeli did sign the LPO’s but Joeli made a contract with deluxe and Lotus so that meant that Teleni didnt have to sign and LPO’s and Joeli had powers to make purcahses as he liked as CAO.
Who I am doesnt matter, if you really want Fiji to come out of this mess please publish this information.
Inspector Mata (the man who wrote the reports on Joeli corrpution mobile number : 9904920)
I dont think this people will talk to you, but please do help Fiji………………

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