Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Military Regime Falling Apart from Within

15 September 2010

News are now coming through that the Military regime in Fiji is beginning to come part as military council figures are being investigated for corruptive business practices and poor moral and ethical conduct. It is unclear if the recent resignation of the former Police Commissioner, Teleni has anything to do with it but consider the following key events and reversal in criminal charges brought against political opponents and alleged insubordinate police officers and others:

  • Teleni resigning as Police Commissioner due to misuse of Police funding for Christian crusade
  • Illegal AG being reigned in ready to be booted out for his shady businesses dealings
  • Ratu Ului Mara being sent on leave for corrupt business practices;
  • Termination of case against Roko Tui Dreketi, Ro Teimumu Kepa without explanation
  • Termination of case against 2 senior police officers - rumoured because they spilled the bins about Teleni, their boss' funding abuse
  • Termination of FICAC case against former 7s manager
No doubt other developments are being hidden away from the public. They will all come to the open as key regime figures and military council members weigh up their survival prospects. 

With a deteriorating economic situation and increasing calls to try Bainimarama and other coupsters at the International Criminal Court, we can expect panic and desperation to become the norm among regime figures. 

A key sign is already in place - the attempt to claw things back from the abyss and to reverse the course. That is why we're having these termination in the various court cases against political opponents and sacked senior public servants. In this vein, one would expect Chaudhry's case to be reconsidered also, especially given his knowledge about the planning and execution of Bainimarama's coup.

All we can say is that the end is drawing near for the illegal regime each day. As most of us had predicted, when it eventually comes, it will be by way of an implosion from within.

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  • Latest news from my sources at QEB have confirmed that the Military Council is turning against each other. The latest development confirms that after Teleni's forced resignation because of Police budget spending in the New Methodist Church programmes for the Police force, the two senior police officers who have been charged and suspended from the Police, have now being dropped by the DPP due to their ability to spill the beans on the Teleni Police spending. This was done to protect Teleni's reputation. Information regarding Saiyed Kaiyum's alleged corrupt business activities have now being brought before the Military Council resulting in the latest internal Litmus test that every senior officer be investigated to clear their respective allegations against each other. Sources also confirm that the two opposing parties in the Military Council are now at each others throats. Guilty officers after the investigations will be fired or forced to resign if there is sufficient evidence found about their breaking military or civilian law. The danger to this is that every one of them including VB have very chequered pasts and are all holding those trump cards close to their chests should the investigations go down to the wire in the next few weeks to come. Stay tuned for more to come in the next few weeks. Kainoqu I would only say that I am informed by someone who is in the military very close to Voreqe and only there for the job but have been releasing hot news all along.We have a network by which such information are filtered through and comes to me.All along things have been to the dot.I have no doubts in this filtered news.But I will wait and see.
    • Friends...lest we forget, the illegal President is still sitting up there in his comfortable colonial mansion watching all this veiliumuritaki on the ground, and trying to fingure out how he can save his "highness's" ass. He is another obstacle to be watched closely, as well as his karua Eveli the SPENDER!

      A sinking man will grab on any floating debris to survive. To sacrifice a friend to save one's own ass is no big deal in the situation our illegal government and their supporters are in now. Na gauna ni raqaraqa, dokadoka kei na viaviakila sa seyavu tiko yani vakamalua; sa yaco mai na gauna ni vei tau cici kei na veidusi! Qai raica na "Commander"i n via voroka tale na nona i sausau ni vuravura.

      James admonition comes to mind: " Now listen, you who say," Today or tomorrow we will go to this or that city, spend a year there, carry on business and make money." Why, you do not even know what will happen tomorrow. What is your life" You are a mist that appears for a litte while and then vanishes..." (James 4:13 & 14).

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