Sunday, September 26, 2010

Military Overspending a National Waste and Disgrace - Smells of Corruption

Fiji Sun News - 26 September 2010

The Republic of Fiji Military Forces incurred a total expenditure of $126.3 million in 2007 against the appropriation budget of $80.7m resulting in an overexpenditure of $45.5m. 
This was revealed in the Public Accounts Committee report on the Auditor-General's 2007 Report.

It said the over expenditure were mainly in the:

l SEG 1- established staff
l SEG 3 - travel and communication
l SEG 4- maintenance and operation
l SEG 5- purchase of goods and services

"The committee was concerned that the excessive overexpenditure was regularised through a retrospective approval by Cabinet," it said.

"However, the RFMF assured the committee that there was now close monitoring of their expenditures.

"The training conducted on the new FMIS (Financial Management Information System) would ensure that the overexpenditure did not re-cur," it said.

The committee also expressed concerns on the purchasing of various equipment for the force.
Equipment purchased during this period cost $21.2m and for which no funds were allocated in the budget resulting in an overexpenditure of $20.2m.

"The RFMF purchased goods and services totaling $1.1m from a preferred selection of the suppliers that had not gone through the normal tender processes nor were competitive quotations obtained from them," the report said.

"A retrospective approval was given by Cabinet for the regularisation of the overexpenditure and a waiver for approval by the Major Tender Boards.


Anonymous said...

The logial solution is to mothball and abolish the useless military. Military has become Fiji's no.1 enemy as it has caused immeasurable damage to the country both internally and externally.

Since Rabuka's time the military has turned inwards and waged war on Fiji's citizens. Aust, NZ, UK and USA can look after Fiji's external security

Sai Lealea said...

@ Anonymous,

Agree with you on the need to downsize and review role of the military altogether. They're no longer held in high regard as previously due to their illegal forays into politics which in turn has contaminated its current leadership and the many new recruits they keep bringing in.

It is no doubt an attempt to widen the reach and influence of the military in Fiji's governance and Fijian society by extension. It is a recipe towards a militarised society which can only be disastrous for Fiji's future by devaluing professions gained through formal schooling and education.

Sadly, in all other country this has happened, it has resulted in prolonged dictatorship with dire consequences for its citizens. It is bound to be the same for Fiji unless the current illegal military regime is ousted from power.

Anonymous said...

we should all understand that the PM is one uneducated freak whose never even reached high level of educatio.We the UN ever graded PMs aroung da world ....dan embarrasing!...Baini-maqe will right @ da bottom list...Na Ulukau ga na luveni out....another fact0he is married to a VULAGI(hlf cast) No culture.