Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Illegal Aussie Censorship Chief Warns FLP over 'Mischevious Materials'


Illegal Aussie censorship chief demands FLP submit 'mischevious materials' before posting on website

The Fiji Labour Party has been ordered to submit the contents of its material to the illegal censorship chief before it can post them on its official website.
In a letter posted on the FLP website, Sharon Smith-Johns tells the party president, Jokapeci Koroi, who had welcomed the 2006 coup even before it took place, the illegal Government has noted that the FLP has been posting media press releases on its website calculated to either undermine Government generally, or to bring disrepute to particular officials. 
The letter from Smith-Johns informs Koroi the party has now been warned by the Government that it will not tolerate any further press releases, and reminded it of the Media Industry Decree 2010. 
Smith-Johns letter says: "All media releases as of today the 8th September 2010, are now to be approved by the Ministry of Information before they are allowed to be posted on the FLP website." 

She gives Koroi a Goebellian address for the articles: Ministry of Information. 

Smith-Johns goes on to say: "Should you fail to comply with this notice, and continue to breach the provisions of the media decree, Government will not hesitate to take all necessary measures within its disposal, and in accordance with the law." 
The illegal censor chief copied the letter to the illegal Attorney-General Aiyaz, Sayed Khaiyum. 

Sources in the Ministry of Information say the directive to the FLP follows a recent FLP article demanding the Government explain why Khaiyum's aunty was paying out the salary cheques to the Cabinet Ministers, including Khaiyum. 
Ironically, the FLP is now getting a taste of its own medicine, for supporting the coup, and later encouraging a crackdown on Fiji media claiming it was indulging in irresponsible journalism. 

In 2008, when Chaudhry was basking under the protection of Bainimarama's guns, he lambasted the Fiji media for supposedly being naive in its reporpting. 

He was then the illegal interim Finance Minister and made the comment at the Fiji Labour Party Nadi branch annual general meeting. He said the picture painted by the media was as if nothing good was happening in the country. 
Chaudhry said if the nation wanted to fix the problems faced in the country then it's the duty of everyone to work together, including the media.  

Quote: "We won't be able to fix the problem in the country with irresponsible reporting. It's the media's duty to the people to be responsible when reporting in the interest of everyone and not a just a few."
Chaudhry said the December 5 coup had happened and the nation cannot reverse that. He said the only thing for the nation to do now was to think positive and move forward.
The FLP says Smith-John's letter has been sent to the party's lawyers for opinion.
Fiji has truly become a state where "dog eat dog".

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