Thursday, September 02, 2010

Illegal Attorney General Khaiyum given marching orders


Thursday, September 2, 2010

Illegal Attorney General Khaiyum given marching orders by the Military Council

The pugnacious and out of control Attorney-General Aiyaz, Sayed Khaiyum, has been given his marching orders, in the form of a resignation letter, from the Military Council.

He has been told in no uncertain terms that he must relinquish his post, and leave Goverment.

He has been booted out after a series of revelations by Coupfourpointfive that he has been allegedly involved in millions of dollars in kick-backs, nepotism in regards to jobs he's handed out, many of them with over-inflated salaries, to his cronies, including an expatriate High Court judge, not to mention his buddy John Prasad, who despite questionable qualifications, was handed the key to the nation's coffers.

Prasad also raked in thousands of dollars in consultancy fees.

The fate of Khaiyum's side-kick, Christopher Pryde, the Solicitor-General, who had been drafting anti-Fijian decrees also hangs in the balance, with reports emerging that he is planning to flee back to his native New Zealand.

There is also widespread belief in the Military Council that Khaiyum and his cronies have doggedly pursued the selling of Fiji Times, so that it can be bought by one of Khaiyum's cronies.

The Military Council also believes that Khaiyum has been launching a personal vendetta against the Fiji Times after that paper ran a series of hard hitting editorials against Khaiyum and his unbridled grip on the military establishment.

The Military Council is also convinced now that it was tricked into agreeing to the Media Censorship Decree so that Khaiyum and his cronies own shady financial dealings never came to light, especially after the Fiji SUN's exposure of his one-time ally, Mahendra Chaudhry's millions in a Sydney bank account.

Khaiyum could not be reached for comment.

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  • Oh my. Isn't it great news that Teleni, Prasad and "Khai yummy for money" have been kicked out! I hope that they cease his passports (Fiji government) and the NZ Government should revoke his mums PR or better yet refuse entry. Additionally cease any other assets he (Khai yummy for money) had gained since taking up office. All these happenings would explain why AG's mum is fleeing the country. I would suspect that Pryde will be sneaking out of the country once AG's resignation is confirmed. Bunch of low life thieves!

    Some people are like wolves who pretend to be sheep. They act and dress like the sheep, only to destroy the lambs once they are among them
  • Khaiyum should be informed that his friend Pryde is next.
  • Me duri tale na bose levu vakaturaga, me digitaki e dua na Interim govt. me da sa ia yani na veidigidsigi.

    Me rau inform taki o NZ kei Aust. me rau varau ena kena monitor taki na veisau baleta me na kua na via yalolevu mai QEB.

    Sa oti ga ya, vakalailaitaki na mataivalu, me veirauti ga kei na noda vanua, ka soli na kaukauwa vei ira na ovisa ki na so na vanua e buwawa tiko ena veika me baleta na nodrau role na rua na disciplined forces.

    Me ra offer taki nai tutu vei ira na CEO era vakasakei mai na matanitu suguraki qo, vakataki Narube me ra lesu mai ka taura tale na nodra i tutu.

    Vakatikori tale na Constitution ni 1997.

    Sa oti na veidigidigi, me ra qai vaqaqai kece vakamatailalai na tamata butabutako kece era rawata na nodra i yau ena matanitu qo, me na vakasukai kece tale vei ira na lewe i Viti na nodra i lavo. Me qai kerei o Commissioner Hughes ke rawa ni lesu mai me mai soli vakadinadina.

    Vacava ya...bau via rogorogo vinaka toka se sega ?
  • I was wondering about that for the last couple of days there was nothing heard from Bainimarama, and Khaiyum had been silent for sometime. Now things are falling into place. The firings of Teleni and then the PS for finance and now Khaiyum? This is getting better guys.
  • We need democracy and we need it now. Dee na mata veikoba ka tukuni sara mai liu e vaka sana vakarau caka mai QEB. Sa qai laurai mai qo na lawakica, na butabutako kei na veivakalolomataki.It is time for them to go and allow good Fijians to run the govt.Ke a voleka tu i yasaqu o Leweni keu sa kivita na daligana.Have a nice day people.Bainimarama and his croonies must be held accountable to their criminal activities.
  • "Those who wait on the Lord, shall have their strenght renewed!"
    Vinaka vakalevu FDM, USA, Australia and Fiji Chapters. To Tai Suli,Tau Loru,Nait Mike, Nait Te, Mata Fanny, Nait Tepola,, Joan and all those we cannot mention, we your compatriots in Fiji say, thank you, vinaka vakalevu for keeping the fire burning.
  • There is still much to do, and we must never let go untill democracy is back, and the people finally have a voice to be part of rebuilding our country from the devastaion caused by Bai and Aiyaus. A new day is dawning for Fiji, a new day is upon us, this is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in Him.
  • And to all those speaking against the cause, Tai Ture,Kunalawaki, Watisoni and your team from QEB,we still love you as our brothers. We would never achieve anything good if we had hatred in our hearts. Our hopes and prayers are that you will see the truth and do what is right and just for your people.
  • Do not be blinded by the riches of this world, remember your blood ties, remember your vanua, most of all, remember your families.
    Sa rauta na gauna ni yalo ca, veivakatotogani kei na veivakacacani, sa gauna meda veilomani ka yalovata nai Taukei. Loloma bibi mai Suva, Vilisi.
  • Tai Vilisi,

    We would also like to thank you and the freedom fighters in Fiji for your undying trust in God, last week I interviewed a talatala from Fiji on Canberra radio, and he mentioned that, Fiji right now is a, in his own words "sa Viti bolebole"

    I think he meant, that Fijians have a big challenge in front of them, the future of our nation is not dependant on other countries, not anybody else but us. We have to do what is right for us, failing that, no one else is going to bear the consequences but us.

    What has happened, Bainimarama said he wanted to clean corruption from Fiji's political system, in the end, he went globetrotting trying to get everybody to come in and help him achieve his goal.

    It was his goal, his ideas, his thoughts, his way, his chosen few, there was nothing in it for us, he has forgotten that Fiji is not for him alone, it for all of US.

    You stay safe out there Tai, keep the faith and we will stay true to the fight to the end, that's a given. I think your fellow compatriots around the world will agree with me.

    I remember the Draiba Fijian School Motto....NOQU KALOU, NOQU VANUA..... God bless Fiji.
  • It is so interesting to note that blogs have caught the eyes of the members of the military council and has made them demand answers.The military council now has taken a step forward to be seen that they are the one calling the shorts and not the phony cabinets. Bainimarama has now begining to feel the heat as from the camp they have not seen him as a commander but a Prime Minister. His absence of active military has loosen some tight grips that he used to enjoy. The recent development Ana Rokomokoti was a recall Langman a recall Prasad was a firing order from PS for the ministry of Finance and Teleni as a commissioner of Police. VB and his crononies couldnt cover up anymore reasons surrounding this actions as the evil yoke has just broken it's cell. Jesus Crusade intended to be a Public Friendly reason is not holding together now people now know Teleni has other causes in his firing order than that released by the Ministry of Information. Khaiyum now just makes the arrogant commander facing his own Military council ,it is going to be a show down. Now let just sit back and enjoy the ride as this illegal regime consumes it's own medication. Let us continue to pressure this people until Fiji is returned to the Chiefs of Fiji and together with their people deciding for themselves.God Bless Fiji.
  • The Unbelievable Arrogance of Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum
    To all who know him, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum has always been conceited. Even as a young boy, when he looked in the mirror he was very pleased with what he saw.

    Since 2007, however, he’s been growing increasingly arrogant. The power that the coup has given him has gone to his head. At first his love for the taste of power was subdued, partly because he had to share the opportunities to manipulate the all powerful but incredibly dumb military dictator with Mahendra Chaudhry, an established master of the arts of intrigue, and partly because he probably sensed that too open a display of power would alert the dictator to his manipulating.

    But, more recently, Aiyaz has started to flaunt his power with no apparent inhibition. He can have anyone he doesn’t like, or anyone who gets in his way, say an Annie Rogers or a Tupou Raturaga dismissed at will.

    Above all he has had the dictator force his so-called Cabinet to rubber stamp great rafts of so-called laws. He receives a threatening phone call, so all phones in the country must be registered or the service will be cut off. But it doesn’t stop there. He’s had $20 million and the name Fijian ripped from the Fijian Affairs Board.
    The crowning piece of arrogance is his Decree ordering all surf breaks to freely available to all. In one stroke all talk of Qoliqoli rights are dispensed with. Everyone knows that almost all surf breaks in Fiji are associated reefs, which are the heart of qoliqoli issues. Aiyaz can now stand in front of the mirror and declare that he had the power to take native owners any rights that they may have felt they had, without a seconds further thought or discussion.

    He’s already taken rights from hotel investors and even from the mighty Rupert Murdoch himself, so this might see like small beer to him. Or is it? Is he now looking in that mirror and telling himself that he, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, has shown the entire Fijian community just how powerless they now are?

    No doubt Aiyaz reasons that he can get away with this without protest from the Fijian community (which he sees as ready to grovel at the military strong man’s feet) then the takeover of land which he plans can proceed immediately.

    When this happens, he knows that everyone will realise that he’s the man.

    So the final act is underway — the Land Use Decree 2010 which establishes a unit in the Lands Department to hand out native land to whoever the dictator fancies. Landowners will hand the land over to the unit which will cut out the NLTB and also the landowners themselves from all the negotiating.

    The official press release announcing the Land Use Decree declares “‘Cabinet based its decision on a submission by the Attorney General, Mr Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum.” Just in case any was in any doubt about who engineered the takeover of native land, it was Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum!

    The power that Aiyaz now wields and the blatant way he parades it now make the dictator look as though he’s completely under the control of Aiyaz. So what is this mysterious hold he has? Does Aiyaz have proof of bribes the dictator’s been accepting? Does he have photographs of the dictator in a “compromising position’?

    Aiyaz is obviously playing a dangerous game.

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