Saturday, September 18, 2010

For Fiji's Sake It’s time for the Military Council to Seize the Day

Posted on FIJI TODAY - 18 SEPTEMBER 2010

In the event the illustrious members of Fiji’s Military Council are not language scholars, it should be carefully explained to them that the Latin phrase “Carpe Diem” means “seize the day”.
And for the benefit of the entire nation it should also be carefully explained to members of the Military Council that the time for them to seize the day is right now.
That’s right! While our tin-pot dictator is over in New York living in five-star hotels and telling lies to the United Nations:

the Military Council should act swiftly and decisively to end the national disaster that is the Bainimarama dictatorship.
Your humble correspondent is convinced that such a course of action would make each and every member of the Military Council an instant National Hero (First Class, with Honours).
More importantly, it would be the first and most important step along the road to restoring Fiji’s economy and our regional and international reputation.
All the Military Council need do is request the president to inform Frank Bainimarama that he is no longer interim Prime Minister and that his military tenure has been revoked forthwith.
Dear readers, your humble correspondent believed that the possibility of the Military Council seizing the day is not as remote as some might think.
Indeed, it becomes a very distinct possibility when one considers the following facts and how uneasily they must sit with each and every member of the Military Council:
Fact One: Just like his inability to pin any substantial corruption charges on either Qarase or members of the ousted SDL government, the dictator has failed to deliver on his promise that the military council would have a major role in administering the nation.
Fact Two: Instead, the dictator has chosen to completely ignore the military council and his own cabinet and he works only with his inner circle.
Fact Three: The inner circle is made up of the dictator’s one-time mistress, Nazhat Shameem, his illegal attorney-general, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, and imports such as Justice Gates and solicitor-general Pryde.
Fact Four: While some one like Tevita Mara can be stood down and investigated on allegations of corruption, the dictator has ensured that the profoundly corrupt Sayed-Khaiyum remains protected.
Fact Five: The dictator’s own well documented corruption is in itself sufficient grounds for the Military Council to act. For example, how corrupt was the way Bainimarama helped himself to $184,000 for leave owing, or his illegal reinstatement of his criminal brother-in-law as head of Fiji’s navy?
Yes dear readers, if the Military Council does not seize the day, it will demonstrate to the world once and for all that it is nothing but a toothless tiger.
Indeed, inaction by the Military Council would place it at the very bottom end of the toothless tiger scale, not so much a tiger as a dentally challenged pussycat.

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