Friday, September 24, 2010

Fiji's Own "Aussie She Devil" Sharon Smith-Johns

24 September 2010
by Sai Lealea

Just who is this Australian woman who has become the poisonous mouth piece of the illegal regime in Fiji? Why is she so hated and despised by Pro-democracy groups and Fijians (i.e. indigenous) all over for the verbal diarrhorea that constantly flows from her mouth?

Well sadly for the illegal Information Permanent Secretary Sharon Smith-Johns, it is because she has decided to be the purveyer of things antiFijian by the ilegal regime. She has allowed herself to trumpet all that is decidedly bad and evil about the former administration, despite it being duly mandated by the people of Fiji in a duly held General Election. 

Fijians who have have been living in Fiji for untold years have all been tarnished by her putrid brush of racial, patronising and condescending remarks. Of no consequence to her that she is nothing but a VULAGI in Fiji, living off the goodwill and hospitality of the people and country. In fact one is very much reminded of the illegal Attorney General (AG) early in the illegal regime's rule, when he pontificated and lectured the likes of PM Qarase and even high Chiefs who were part of the previous administration. In Fijian society, such behaviour is labelled "VIAVIALEVU" or lacking good manners and taking a position that is disrespectful. To Fijians, it often indicates lack of good breeding. No doubt to her, just like for the illegal AG, it is all part of the modern way of conducting government as ushered in by the ilegal's regime's leader and all his sycophants now populating the public service in Fiji- To talk down at people from high.

To the VULAGI from Aussie, be reminded that Fijians take very seriously any slighting and insult to their honour as ITAUKEI of Fiji and will remember who the offender is, come the days when Fiji again enjoys freedom and democracy. Like Khaiyum, your name and face, are slowly being etched into their memories for bringing so much anguish and disgrace to matters Fijian. Your naivety and untutored way of conducting yourself are no excuses. The decision to join the illegal regime is yours and through it a deliberate and calculated manner of castigating and rubbishing Fijians and their institutions. 

Ask yourself this Sharon: If the situation was reversed, would you ever see a Fijian coming to your country and conducting him/herself in the way you have? As a Fijian, I doubt it very much. The difference Sharon, lay in the values Fijias have in respecting each other owing to the sanctity of human life and dependence on fellow human beings. These are the very values that have been bastardised and prostituted when the illegal regime came to power in Fiji. 

You may not know it, but you have become, in your posturing, the very epitome of it. In that regard I can do no better than crown you Fiji's own  "Aussie She Devil".

  • How the illegal Information Permanent Secretary Sharon Smith-Johns got her job

Post on - 24 September 2010


Croz Walsh said...

@ Sai ... What's happened to the fair-minded person with whom I corresponded a year ago? You attack Sharon without telling us anything about her other than that she is pro- the Bainimarama Government, a government which is overwhelmingly ethnic Fijian. You say she insults ethnic Fijians. You provide no examples, and I certainly know of none. I have met her and she is certainly not anti-itaukei.

I note that in attacking Sharon and Sayed-Khaiyum, you use the old ploy of attacking on racial grounds, claiming your "special right" as a Fijian. That's the old Fiji, Sai, where politicians manipulated and divided the people. Now every citizen is a Fijian and is entitled to equal respect.

Sai, you are in NZ now and I presume a NZ citizen. You must therefore -- if you are to be consistent -- respect NZ ways of doing things. Attacking people and not their argument, and making veiled physical threats against women, is not the way we do things here.

Keep your attacks on the Bainimarama government focused on what you think they are doing wrong, and offer realistic ideas on how to move things forward. Your talents are wasted on personal attacks, and I'm sorry to say they are also unmanly.

I trust this was a temporary lapse and we will soon see a return to the robust blog that was. Best wishes, Croz.

e sw said...

e sw - sharon is an imp and she needs to go back to where she came from. It is obvious that she has to suck up to Cagina & Cadruti because she needs Fiji tax payers money for survival. She is not doing this because she wants to help Fiji & its people.

Sai Lealea said...

@ Croz, I can assure you what I am reflecting is widespread enmity among Fijians at the disrespectful manner Sharon is conducting herself as the mouthpiece of the illegal regime in Fiji. I would not be writing what I did otherwise. In fact much worse labels have used by some.

People in Fiji who have dealt with her who I know, have all said how condescending she is of things Fijian, especially the manner she refers to Fijian chiefs and their traditional institutions. With respect Croz, I doubt you know or appreciate this as a non-Fijian.

You speak ill of former Fiji politicians and your loathing of the democratically elected Qarase government is well known, yet you have no evidence to back your position. Surely you would not count current trumped up charges some of them are facing as credible, given the illegal state of affairs in Fiji. The biggest illegal act is treason and the overthrow of a democratically elected government as confirmed by the ruling of the Fiji Supreme Court.

All citizens of Fiji were Fiji Islanders and you have no evidence either that changing to Fijian for all has resulted in "equal respect".

Unlike you Croz, I feel the pain of what has happened and continue to happen in Fiji under the illegal regime. People who dare speak out are still being visited by the military. A close colleague was paid a visit by the military early this week to the great distress of his elderly mother. This was a family whose father was well known in Fiji as an educationalist, former public servant and politician.

People like me will continue to identify and label those who have decided to prop up the illegal regime until Fiji gets the government it chooses and deserves. That to me is consistent with the NZ way of labelling evil when you see it. Vinaka.

fijikiwigal said...

Sai, I totally support your position as someone is from Fiji and has your 'ulu-ni-vanua mai na noda Vanua lomani o Viti'. It is sad that those that think they know Fiji from an academic perspective seem to boast that they have the keys to Fiji's ongoing saga post coup 2006.

Whilst I do not wish to delve into those stale-issues, one thing is for sure. The labelling games still continues by those that wishes to use the old-age race card games of which now sounds like a well cracked-up record. The fact of the matter, these very same people cannot and will not accept the fact that Fijians [note Fijians in other words 'na Lewe Ni Vanua dina kei Viti'ka sega ni ra wili kina o ira na tani aya na valagi, Idia etc etc] are now very well informed and educated and are also very capable of researching and writing their own history.

I find the comment that you are now in NZ and must do as the NZ does!! This comments denotes how authoritative this person is and has a tunnel vision on his belief. Can we then argue that its that arrogance coming through once more from those commenting and are ignorant of how we as 'Lewe ni Vanua' are entitled to view the world from our 'Vanua' lenses and need not be their lenses.

fijikiwigal said...
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Croz Walsh said...

Sai, Thanks for your reply. I'm sure you are correct in saying your views are shared by many. The anti-Government blogs attest to that. My main point is that personal attacks and veiled threats are not the way to go, even if you, as you think, are 100% correct.

As for my views on the SDL, you will rememember that one of its Cabinet called Indians "weeds" to be rooted out and another called squatters "thieves." They were not called to order by the Speaker and Qarase did not disassociate himself from their remarks. One of their senators called me all names under the sun because I, a vulagi, had dared to comment on money given by poor Fijians to the Church. I was only echoing Mike Beddoes's remarks and the views of some of my educated Fijian friends.

Then there was the pressure not to renew leases, and what the Fiji Times called excessive corruption. I know also of the roadside posters in the West that warned blood would be spilt if the SDL was not returned to power in 2006. And this is before we start on the legislation, passed and intended, between 2001 and late 2006.

I know also that the Bainimarama Government targets its opponents, and I'm not happy with that. My blog has commented on many of its shortcomings and errors. But with the underlying threats of violence and retaliation, it is not surprising. And even you write of retaliation.

But there's little point of going on. I doubt we can agree on the way forward but I hope we will both use reason and argument, and not personal attacks and threats, no matter how strongly we feel. Best wishes, Croz

Sai Lealea said...

Surely you and I both agree nothing can come for Fiji if the current situation continues.

My way forward is that advocated by most, which is the return of the military to the barracks and return of power to an elected government. It is simple and based on the respect for the rule of law and the democratic wishes of the people to decide who to govern them.

Any attempt to prolong the hold on power begs the question why and inevitably raises suspicion as to the real motive of the coupsters. No wonder Bainimarama wants a permanent role for the military in Fiji's governance which is dangerous indeed. I am therefore a strong advocate to reduce the size and role of Fiji's military especially their access to weapons.

I note your reasons for being against the Qarase government but am baffled as to why, if you really felt offended, you did not take up your case with the proper authorities in Fiji at the time.

With respect I sense that you somehow feel vindicated that the Qarase government is no more which in turn may well have coloured the lenses you're viewing the situation in Fiji. Best wishes.

The junta and its chaos said...

Congratulations on your responses to Walsh. I admire your restraint against someone who is so clearly anti-Fijian and celebrates the takeover of an elected democratic government by men with guns. You are correct - the only way forward for Fiji is for the military to return to the barracks immediately. They have failed their nation under the current poor leadership and are a totally discredited organisation internationally because of their actions. It is so sad that their once proud reputation has been trashed by Bainimarama and people like
walsh, Smith Johns, Gates and Pryde.

Croz Walsh said...

Sai, You seem to be getting a lot of echo to your comments but none say anything different. I won't be writing anything more. It's pointless when anyone who presents a contrary opinion is simply dismissed by you and your readers as anti-Fijian. I am not the racist!

fijikiwigal said...
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fijikiwigal said...

Era dau kaya eso 'e mai caka tale i ke'!! Sa dua na ka na nona via mai veisau taka e levu na veika baleti keda na Lewe ni Vanua o la qo kei ira na nonai tokani ka oka kina o Komada Cagina. Era nanuma beka ni da se vaka mumuri tu ga vaka na mata boko ka da se sega ni yadra mai ena vei ka e caka tiko vei keda.

Dou kaya o ratou mai na koro, 'lako sara i senikuta'!!