Sunday, September 05, 2010

Don't Abuse Powers says Acting Police Chief - A model of Professionalism

Fiji Sun News - 5 September 2010

Acting Police Commissioner, Joeli Baleilevuka has advised against hasty disciplinary measures by Fiji Police Force commanding officers that result in the sacking of personnel.

He stressed against emotional involvement when dealing with the disciplining of subordinates.

“We need to stop abusing our powers and authority. Consider men under your command as an investment,” Mr Baleilevuka added. 

“Let us not waste our resources by sacking personnel for issues that could be resolved within,” he said.

He added that disciplinary cases that can be solved within the Force needs to be done so. Mr Baleilevuka said officers all need to work together to see that the Fiji Police Force makes it through the challenges that life hurls their way. He has also stressed the importance of cutting costs within the Force.

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