Saturday, July 17, 2010

Why are you opposing the reforms?-Illegal Fiji PM

by Vijay Narayan - Fiji Village News 
16 July 2010

Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama said he knows that the Australian government is aware that the current government will bring about constitutional, electoral, social, civil service and political reforms that will benefit every Fijian in the country.

However he said the opposition will continue to this because Australia wants to be the superior power in the Pacific.

Commodore Bainimarama said the government's plans are clear and he wonders whether the ordinary Australian would oppose a Fiji that has a non-race based electoral system where people do not line up in different lines at polling stations due to their race.

He said race based politics has to go and everyone should be given equal opportunities irrespective of their race or religion.

The Prime Minister also said the constitutional reforms will be the basis of this and other reforms are also necessary where native land can be put to good use through agricultural farming and the landowners also equally benefit from land lease payments.

He civil service reforms are also necessary in Fiji as for years the costs have just ballooned to huge levels.

He questions Australia what is wrong with these reforms.

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  • Reforms are to be carried out by an elected gov. You've carried out your senseless coup, found nothing for the last 4 1/2 years now you wanna save face under the pretext of reform. Give gov back to the people, return to barrack and await ur fate.
  • It's not the reform that they are bothered about, it's the amount of criminal activity. Because that's what it really is.
  • ...Australia wants to be the superior power in the Pacific.

    What an idiot. @Voreqe. Australia is and will always be the Super Power in the Pacific. So swallow it Voreqe if you still think that it should'nt. Your small jealous brain is only good for a dog. Unless if you think we (Fiji) should because we clearly cann't with people like you around.

    With your backward attitude it will take another 1,000 years for us to come back to where we were prior to all these coup culture thing. With that to say it deserves if the army is totally removed to avoid this coup poofters wanting to make names for themselves.

    ...he wonders whether the ordinary Australian would oppose a Fiji that has a non-race based electoral system

    What we seeing here is this idiot (Voreqe) is taking the word out Australia mouth. Who gave him the authority to make comments on issue that wasnt said by Australia is anyones guess. This idiot is so anti-Australia and NZ that he starts to spit out words that was never said by anyone.

    This idiot is seen to be anti-Australia and anti-NZ. And so into China, India and Russia.

    But why is his family residing in NZ? Indirectly why is he allowing the rest of Fiji being penalise by the two country and him promoting China etc when his family are enjoying their safety in NZ. This is the type of people who likes to talk the talk but doesnt walk the walk because his families are already comfortable by the generosity of the two countries.

    Voreqe people living in glass house shouldn't throw stones.

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