Friday, July 02, 2010

What it means for Fiji to Join the Non-Aligned Movement

Sai's Comments:
  • The Illegal Regime in Fiji has signed up Fiji as a Member of the Non-Aligned Movement. As an unelected regime, it has no legal authority or popular mandate to do so for a crucial strategic decision that will have implications for Fiji's international relations across the globe.
  • It is clear the move is that of a spoiled brat who has been told off by the rest of its Pacific family to behave and return Fiji to democratic rule and for depriving Fiji's people of their rights and freedom. So the illegal regime via its dictatorial leader has run off to join another family in the hope it will offer it solace and comfort from its detractors.
  • It is none other than international diplomacy conducted out of spite and desperation by a corrupt and dictatorial regime that will conduct foreign relations on the hoof and to preserve its hold on power for as long as possible.

June 30 2010 

Key Objectives of the Non-Aligned Movement 
The Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) originally came out of a 1955 Asia-Africa conference that was held in Indonesia. Officially the movement began in 1961 with a majority of the countries involved being third world countries. 

The countries involved as members are considered to be not aligned whether against or with any other country or bloc of countries, mainly the super powers. Original members include Egypt, The former Yugoslavia, India, Burma, and Pakistan. There are currently about 118 members with some 17 countries as observers. The Movement was originally formed in an effort to break up the Cold War but with the Cold War being over its objective has had to be shifted. 

Here are some of the current objectives of the Movement.
  • Speak out against the irresponsible policies of the Developed countries. Their main target in the manner is the United States. The movement speaks out against Human Rights violation and the perceived dominances of certain developed countries over other less developed nations. It also rejects the idea that terrorism should be used to promote any religious or political ideal.
  • To encourage sustainable development among member countries. The Movement believes that much more can be done by the international community to create the conditions necessary for the achievement of this goal. They believe that development is hindered by situations such as the inequity in financial decision making, debt burden, globalisation, and unfair trade. If you currently work in a profession of one of the member states you will find the improvement vast, and may gain a new understanding and appreciation of Qatar jobs.
  • To assist in the prevention of armed conflict. Through encouraging mediation and dialog, the movement hopes to be involved in any process that seeks to end or prevent armed conflict.
  • The promotion of cultural diversity and the rights of all people. The movement sees human rights as universal and that social justice is for all. Cultural diversity is to be encouraged and respected and there is to be a tolerance of religious views.

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