Friday, July 09, 2010

Surfers still need to follow village protocols

Story by: Paradise Tabucala
Fiji Village News 

Surfing is an international sport and this means that Fiji will need to ensure that protocols are followed and there is no reckless surfing.

Fiji Hoteliers Assosciation President Dixon Seeto said that a positive point to the Decree is that there is no restrictions and exclusive rights to surfing spots, however people now need to follow the simple rules of surfing and watch out for others.

Seeto said that freedom is given to tourists to enter some of the spots around the country that have world class waves.

When asked by Fijivillage as to whether this would mean that more safety measures such as life guards be present, Seeto said that safety should not be a hindrance to development but protocols should be followed.

Seeto said that this does not mean reckless behaviour is allowed.

The Decree permited unrestricted access to and use of any surfing area by any person for the purpose of surfing or any other water sport without having to obtain any approval from any person and without the payment of any monies or compensation for the use of any such surfing area.

Seeto said that in some cases, the spots can only be accessed through village boundaries and stresses that the Decree should not be an excuse to abuse traditional practices.

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