Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Services will be Affected as State expenses to be reduced

Fiji Broadcasting Corporation News  - Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Government will review operating expenses on communication, fuel usage and management across all government departments says Finance acting permanent secretary John Prasad.

Under the revised 2010 Budget government expects to reduce expenditure by about $75 million.

Prasad says they will target different department separately and highlight ways in which they could reduce spending.

“We are going line by line, we are talking to them for example on communication, phone bills, phone usage, we will be looking at areas like fuel usage for vehicles, we will be looking at fuel usage for generators and how often the generators are run. We also will be moving a lot of the departments and ministries who are not already on it, to fuel cards, so we can monitor usage over a period of time.”

Prasad says although expenses will be reduced by a massive $75m, services will not be hindered.

He says they will continue to find ways to improve their service to the people.

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by Suliasi Daunitutu
  • This John Prasad is obviously talking out of an orifice and it's not his mouth. How can he say that government expenditure will be reduced by $75million and the service will not be hindered? These are the cost cutting exercises that they have implemented which in turn has seen unemployment rise, overworked and underpaid civil servants, unacceptable working conditions and related outcomes.

    The near collission of two aircrafts in Fiji airspace could easily have been one of the many mishaps that these cost cutting programmes produce, or the deaths in public hospitals, traffic accidents even suicide - they can be directly linked to the reduction in expenditure.

    If there is to be a reduction in expenditure, which could help the economy immensely, they could start with the military. It is an institution laden with unqualified and overpaid people who do nothing but harass and intimidate the population needlessly, without a concern for basic human right

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