Sunday, July 18, 2010

Rabuka criticizes Aus travel ban

Story by: Shalvin Deo
Fiji Village News -  18 July 2010

Former Prime minister Major General Sitiveni Rabuka has criticizes Australia's ongoing travel bans on Fiji's military.

Speaking to ABC, Rabuka said the bans are making Fijians feel as if they are under siege.

He told ABC that he sees the travel ban as a sanction against the people of Fiji and the Fiji national team and it's pushing the people into a consolidated position against Australia or against those are bringing up these kinds of sanctions.

Major General Rabuka said relations with Australia have never been so low.

The visa restrictions were imposed after the 2006 military takeover.

Last month, two Fijian rugby players were banned from entering Australia to play the Wallabies in Canberra.

Major General Rabuka said there were tough times between the two countries when he led two military coups in 1987, but relations have never been this bad.

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  • Boo Hoo, the poor old Colonel !
    I have to ask myself if Rabuka has been involved in this coup from the start, if his pleas for forgiveness recently was simply an attempt to have his pension reinstated and why football takes such a grand place in his psyche, when Fijians have been denied the right to protest, speak, assemble, associate and their civil liberties trampled ? The sooner the old guard are dead and buried, along with the RFMF, the better off Fijians and their children will be.
  • The people to blame for the Travel Restrictions are Rabuka himself and the RFMF, full stop. Rabuka, Frank and George should look no further than the mirror in the morning, to know who is to blame for Fiji's woes. Time to take a look at yourself and make the change.
  • It must be incredibly frustrating for an old man like Rabuka to accept that he is of absolutely no relevance anymore ! Unlike Michael Jackson, his name will be synonymous with fear, hatred, lies and deception and the beginning of the end of Fiji as the hub of the Pacific and the demise of the once proud RFMF, not to mention the absolute destruction of so many people's careers.
  • Since Rabuka was given back his pension he seems to have changed his stand to secure his future. God knows where exactly his heart is. He's probably already looking for some future in the regime. I think he's probably the confused one. Sitting on the fence and collecting money from both sides. But Australia is currently doing a good job in holding its ground against the bullying dictator.

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