Monday, July 26, 2010

Pacific will not waver over Fiji: NZ PM

By Rachna Lal
Source: AFP - July 26, 2010 

The Pacific Islands Forum is expected to reaffirm its opposition to Fiji’s government when the body meets in Vanuatu next week says New Zealand Prime Minister John Key.

AFP reports Key speaking on Television New Zealand said he expected members to retain their stance on Fiji's suspension at next week's meeting.

Fiji was suspended from the 16-country regional bloc last year following announcement by Fiji’s Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama to have elections in 2014.

"I think we should remain resolute in our commitment to excluding Fiji from the forum until he (Bainimarama) demonstrates he is going to hold those elections," Key said.

New Zealand and Australia both refused to attend last week's "Engaging the Pacific" meeting organised by Fiji to replace the cancelled Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) summit in Natadola Intercontinental Resort last week.

Bainimarama accused Australia of pressuring nations not to attend the MSG and expelled Australia's acting high commissioner in retaliation.

At the same time, he warned that elections already put back from 2009 to 2014 could be further delayed because of "constant interfering" by New Zealand and Australia.

But Key said there was no reason why the elections should not be held in 2014 and New Zealand was prepared to help financially or in any other way to ensure that happened.

He said New Zealand had been reasonable with its sanctions against Fiji and had tried to reach out and offer assistance.

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  • Bainimarama and his illegal unelected government has no legal or moral right to posture like this towards sovereign countries i.e Australia and New Zealand. They really need to grow up. They act like children who had their cookies taken away and throw a tantrum about it, but have no problem other times beating up all the other kids in the play ground and stealing their candy as & when they feel like. Bunch of cry babies. Grow up for goodness sake. You go & urinate on every fijian, but someone does something to you then it is like a genocide or something. It's simple: 'People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones'. Gutless cowards, you cant face up to what you did wrong, cos youre too busy making yourselves rich.

    You have murdered innconet fijians and robbed them of their freedom and rights, who did nothing to you. Fijian men, women and children have paid in blood and tears for your arrogance.Your lies stink to high heaven.. May you face justice in this world, before passing to the next one.
  • What NZ and Australia need to do is to impose an all out ban on all Fiji produce and products coming to NZ and Australia. This should include the return to Fiji of all sports personalities that playing professionally in both countries. This must be a total trade embargo against Fiji and then we will see who needs who here. We have said many times that NZ and Aust do not need Fiji but Fiji sure does need these 2 guants in the Pacific.There is no Pacific Countries without NZ or Australia,

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