Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Money Problems for Illegal Fiji Regime

Posted on - 20 July 2010

A Feed back from a civil servant. in Fiji

First time in his career that he knew government bank account with no money.

Takes government cheque to cash in the morning. Told come back and try in the afternoon. When he did money was finally there and they honoured cheque.

This is big time liquidity problem.

Government hospital staff tell how they forced to work overtime with no pay or loose job. Only way of revenge, they steal from store, bags of rice, floor, sugar, corned beef and divide and split among themselves. When Kurusiga's security firm brought in now to guard against staff. Simple, just get security guard to turn other eye with simple bribe of a corned mutton.

Isa noda Viti!

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  • I bet the soldiers have their pay in the bank the day before, every cent of it, and all of Bainimarama's wannabe politicians who were once broke, are now wealthy again at the expense of our taxpayers.

    It is now on full display - the real reasons for the coup, some people couldn't achieve pn merit, so they have backed a broke sailor to come up with some tripe as reasons and then play it by ear with some Indian failures who can give him advise.

    Then employ a corrupt judge or two and find the best journalist who can print whatever you tell him as editor of the pro-coup newspaper. They have it made now, bugger the rest of the world and what they think.
  • Talking about money shortage. This is desperate. It seems they are feeling the urgency.

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