Friday, July 30, 2010

Illegal Fiji PM threatens another coup if next election is rushed

Story by: Vijay Narayan - Fiji Village News

30 July 2010

Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama said there can be another coup in Fiji if the next election is rushed through as proposed by some countries.

Commodore Bainimarama has told The Australian that if the election is rushed under the current race based electoral system, then Fiji will go back to extremist and ethno-nationalist policies that would divide the nation.

Meanwhile Commodore Bainimarama left for China this morning to attend the Shanghai World Expo and have various meetings on investment opportunities in Fiji.

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  • Vore knows if there's an election tomorrow the people that he removed forcefully will be back in power even if the military supervise the election. His life and that of his fellow thugs hangs on the outcome of this coup.
  • Me dua la me coup taki koya(vore).........
  • There will always be a possibility of another coup if we have uneducated and morons like ratu suguraki around. What else can he say when he cannot think of any other way of working things through if his ideas are not implemented? Classic unelected and authoritatarian attitude from someone who has no leadership experience and no grey matter!-pit 
  • Just got to show the shallow mind of the man.He has no intellect but the grandiouse idea of power used by force to frighten the people. Bainimarama is now showing why he couped the Govt by his utterances and the rationale of his discression, which was to avoid prison for murder and sedition. Now he is so thick in his own deceipt that the truth has alluded him where ever he turns or goes.A bully never finds his way in life but life always find ways to take down bullies.
  • How can someone be so naive and tasteless. And continue to make negative and destructive suggestions on his own , whenever he wants. Doesn't this amounts to treason or threat if the same is made by someone else apart from him. Does this means that its alright for him to go ahead and make another coup and rewrite the treason decrees all over again until the world succumb to changes that suits him only. No dialogue and common resolution whatsoever. And at everyones elses especially the indigenious expense.
  • It sounds like that we are in the middle of nowhere somewhere. So this is how far they've come to after 4 years. Still talking shit and no clear sense of direction or any achievements.

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