Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Illegal Fiji PM Issues Threat to Australia

Hands off, Bainimarama tells Australia

July 07, 2010 

Fiji’s Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama has called on the Australian government to stop interfering with the internal affairs of Fiji.

His comments came in light of a reported comment by an unnamed Australian Foreign Affairs official in the News Limited owned newspaper, The Australian.

“This statement is inciting the people of Fiji to rise against my government and promoting further unrest,” said Bainimarama.

He said calling Fiji government ministers ‘thugs’ is derogatory, mischievous and portrays the condescending attitude of the Australian government.

“At one hand they say they are concerned about the welfare of the people of Fiji, whilst on the other they are inciting and promoting unrest in Fiji,” he added.

The Australian Foreign Affairs official was quoted as saying, “the people may have no choice but to stand up to him (Bainimarama) and his thugs”.

Bainimarama’s comments follow strong reactions by Foreign Affairs Minister Ratu Inoke Kubuabola and Information permanent secretary Sharon Smith-Johns.

They said the article was inaccurate in that portrayed Fiji in the light of the events of 2006 when the country had moved on and returned to normal, and contrary to the article’s suggestions, no longer had a military presence on the streets.

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  • An article appearing in The Australian Newspaper stated that "the people may have no choice but to stand up to Bainimarama and his thugs" has been dubbed as inciteful to the people of Fiji. Bainimarama goes on to blame the Australian Govt. for such comments by the newspaper.
  • Bainimarama must know that Australian journalists are not controlled by the Aust. govt. like it is in Fiji. Australian journalist can report anything they want and they can say their opinion without fear of intimidation or fear of being audited for bad reporting because Australia entertains the Freedom of the Press.
  • The Australian reporter has called the illegal govt. ministers of Fiji Thugs and that has angered the illegal PM Bainimarama because it is true. This reporter in The Australian Newspaper was just reporting the news he read from the other Blog sites in Fiji actually quoting them the way Bainimarama said it.
  • Do noit blame Australia Bainimarama but just look at yourself and how you got into power.You forced your way in illegal with guns and no one will ever recognize you nor believe you. You are a THUG and the people of Fiji do not have a choice but to stand up to you.The time is near Bainimarama leave now before you regret it.
  • With all these so called sensing and worried of a possibility of a national draftfor all able young men of Fiji, from the age of 18 to 35. That is a decree passed by Bai & his junta for a mandatory national service for all youths & etc. That will be the most controversial & frightful decree.

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