Wednesday, July 07, 2010

How the Truth Hurts for the Illegal Fiji Regime

Foreign media reports based on 'deceit and lies'
Fiji Broadcating Corporation

Report by : Roland Koroi - Wednesday, July 07, 2010

New Zealand and Australian media are waging a war against Fiji’s economy and its people, basing their reports on deceit and lies says Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum.

Sayed-Khaiyum says the content of recent reports have been inaccurate and exaggerated, designed to paint a false picture and harm the country.

He says it is now clear that the foreign media are breaking basic rules of journalism to get back at the Fiji government.

“All these things are reported as if they have happened but they have not, in fact they are inaccurate, they are dishonest. It would now appear that we have a situation that the media in Australia and New Zealand have decided that they will wage a campaign against Fiji and that campaign is based on deceit and lies so even though they talk about freedom of expression, of getting the right information across, the fact is they are the first ones to break those principles and values.”

Sayed-Khaiyum also lashed out at New Zealand reporter Michael Field who he accuses of constantly writing misleading reports about the situation in Fiji.

The Attorney General questions Field’s so-called expertise of the Pacific, saying he has been banned from a number of Pacific island countries including Fiji, Tonga and Kiribati.

“I think Michael Field really needs to look at himself. He needs to perhaps go into some form of therapy to get over this bogey that he is trying to create. Michael Filed, let me remind you is a journalist that is also removed from other Pacific island countries because he feels he has some kind of license to go ahead and print and say whatever he likes about the Pacific and even though facts may come in the way, he is going to ignore them, yet, he is being portrayed as some expert on the Pacific.”

Smith-Johns alarmed with overseas media reports
Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Fiji Broadcasting Corporation News

Permanent Secretary for Information Sharon Smith-Johns has accused the Australian Foreign affairs Ministry of condoning and encouraging political unrest in Fiji.

Smith-Johns says overseas media coverage had initially focused on the foreign ownership issue under the media decree but some were now being irresponsible in suggesting trouble and distorting Fiji’s image.

“This did start out about the media decree and part of the media decree which was the foreign ownership. Now we find stories running in the Australian media, coming from the Australian foreign affairs saying that if the economy gets really bad then people may have to stand up to the government, calling them thugs, its just so alarming that this has started out about the media decree and now they are misinterpreting where we are.”

Smith-Johns, says she is concerned that Australian Foreign Affairs would condone and encourage such a message.

She says the statement in the Australian article is a clear message calling on Fijians to rise and rebel against the Bainimarama Government, also attacked are the pictures shown in the story - of soldiers carrying guns – which Smith says refers back to 2006 and is not the reflection of Fiji Today.

Smith says there are no soldiers on the streets; Suva is a bustling business capital, and visitors into the country number 10,000 each week, majority from neighboring New Zealand and Australia.
Report by : Roland Koroi

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