Friday, July 02, 2010

Fiji's North Korea Style Phone Decree

Sai's Comments:

  • This move to register details of phone users, especially for sim cards,  is designed solely to provide the illegal regime control over the people of Fiji and is consistent with the repressive and draconian measures now put in place in Fiji.
  • Phone companies would already have the task of registering such information as part of its business transactions BUT the difference this time, is that, The State can access such details at will with no respect on confidentiality of private information.
  • I say again here: Fiji has definitely become the NORTH KOREA of the Pacific with these sets of draconian control on the rights and freedom of its people. In so doing, it is heading the way of all dictatorships of which North Korea is at the extreme end.
  • But when you think about the regime's close links now with China, North Korea's lone benefactor and supporter in the world, it is to be expected that such draconian controls over the lives of Fiji citizens were going to pass.
  • The truth is, this move has nothing to do with countering all the ills mentioned by the illegal Minister but more to do with controlling and repressing the rights and freedom of the people of Fiji.
  • I call again for those in the Military with the capacity to save Fiji from this move towards repression by their illegal and dictatorial regime. Whoever is able to take up the challenge will know that Fiji and its people will forever be grateful for their sacrifice. I envisage a special memorial or day set aside to reward such a gallant act. You will forever be remembered long into the future of your beloved Fiji for saving it and its people from descending into a monumental catastrophe as a direct result of this regime's evil work. 

  • Now such will be the true reward for a  hero in the image of all your colleagues who have paid the ultimate price for their country of birth Fiji. It will be unlike the fate and legacy of the current regime leaders who have forced you to carry out illegal orders and subject your family and relatives to untold miseries resulting from their repressive policies and misrule of Fiji.

by Shalveen Chand

Fiji Times - Friday, July 02, 2010

IF you have a telephone - whether mobile or landline - your photograph and full details will need to be given to your service provider.
And if you don't do so, your telephone service will be suspended.
The development is an essential part of the Compulsory Registration of Customers for Telephone Services Decree 2010, which is expected to come into force soon. When it does, all telephone users will have one month to provide their details.
Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, who is responsible for the Justice Ministry and Attorney General's Office, said the date of the decree's commencement would be announced soon.
He said the details would include the owner's full name, date of birth, photo identification, home address and parent's signature if the phone user is below 18 years.
Mr Sayed-Khaiyum said after the decree came into force, all new connections would only be provided after the provision of the required details.
"For every new SIM card or fixed line telephone bought after the commencement date, customer details set out in the decree must be registered before a service provider can provide services to that number," he said.
Fines will also be imposed under the decree if provisions are not fulfilled by the customer or service provider.
A further measure will be the disconnection of any number idle for 180 days. These numbers will not be reconnected until the decree's requirements are met.


John said...

Dude - you have obviously never heard of LAWFUL INTERCEPTION.
Most countries world wide adhere to the ITU standards for telecommunications. They also adhere to CALEA and ETSI standard which specifically cater to establishment of the ability for law enforcement authorities (i.e government justice agencies) being able to tap and intercept phone, voip, and internet (e-mail, web, ftp, chat, etc) traffic based on warrants served against 'persons of interest' who are under investigation for some suspect criminal activity or the other.
In most countries worldwide - Telecoms carriers have to ensure their systems are CALEA/ETSI LI complliant as part of being able to do business.
So what difference does it make if you now have to provide your personal details for registering a pre-paid SIM or home phone. If useed the right way this sort of requirement can actually serve to protect the service owner from wrongful involvement in criminal activity.

John said...

I should have actually said wrongful implication rather than involvement.

Also - most carriers require you to provide personal details when registering for postpaid services. So even if there was NO decree, government (big bro) could obtain this information with a simple warrant from the public prosecutor's office or some court and the carrier whom you get your service from would have to oblige.
Tagging your personal info with a picture - great....a deterent against identity theft. Maybe the carriers should use it as an enhanced form of caller ID (with photo). Hey... I can do that on my mobile phone NOW!
PS - in NZ if you sign up for a prepaid SIM with VODAFONE they ask you for picture ID (and take a copy) and they ask for a residential address. Do you consider that to be a North Korean tactic too, or is that just the case because its the Fiji regime?

PS - before you think anything else of me. I have 22 years in telecommunications and have 6 of those in FIJI.
I am not a Fijian National, but my wife and kids are.

Sai Lealea said...

As I said, the motives and recent repressive record of the current regime would indicate a great deal of doubt that its intention is as you suggest. In fact phone suppliers in Fiji already ask for details from purchasers. The problem you have now there are no watchdogs or recourse in Fiji when your details are misused given the current governance.

If we were in a democratic situation where people have rights and protection under the law it would be different. Sadly for Fiji right now, that is not so.

John said...

No watchdog and no recourse - I don't think I would agree with that. You are making a blanket assumption here - that because this information is now being requested, it will be misused to violate your privacy.
If there is nothing to hide, what is there to violate?
What it does do is stop a lot of potential criminal activity which takes revenue away from the Fijian economy. So whilst one can argue that things like this may have some bad sides to it, one also has to submit that it has a good side as well.