Monday, July 05, 2010

Fiji wants to be back in Forum

by : Dev Narayan; Radio Tarana interview - Monday, July 05, 2010

Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Banimarama says Fiji wants to be part of the Pacific Islands Forum again, but Australia and New Zealand are refusing to acknowledge their efforts for reform.

Bainimarama says his government remains open to dialogue, although the Forum Ministerial Action Group has been banned from visiting the country for saying that the situation in Fiji has worsened.

“My government is always open to dialogue. It is most unfortunate that some of the foreign countries are turning a blind eye in terms of development and the reforms that this government is carrying out. In terms of the situation on the ground Fiji is not worsening as many would have thought, stats indicate otherwise given the various measures implemented. However Fiji is one of the founding members of the Forum so we would like to see ourselves back in.”

Meanwhile Bainimarama says he is still to get word from Foreign Affairs Minister Inoke Kubuabola on Tonga’s participation at the MSG-Plus meeting.

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  • Sa tu tale na levu ga ni vaqakoro, kei na viavialevu, sa qai kena i tinitini via loki bui me lesu tale mai ki na PIF, dou vakatalai koya laivi yani me lako i Jaina se i Idia me lai vaqara friends kina, sa sega ni dua e vinakata na vagonegonea...oti mada leva oti ga na paisa qasi lesu !!!
  • I am not amused by this sudden change of thinking by this idiot Bainimarama.It was his own actions that made him and Fiji suspended from PIF.
    Now he wants back in and yet still says that other foreign countries still do not see what he has been illegaly doing in Fiji.
    Bainimasrama had better know now that no one in the whole world ever wants to do anything with a dictator period.
    As you said Dee " Sa tu na da."
  • He is boasting of his physical reforms but he does not want to concede the implications of the economic and social degradation that is happening in Fiji.
    There is the abuse of human rights, abuse of civil liberties, there is murder and torture of innocent civillians and abuse of women and children. Now he wants back in. There is a way for Bainimarama to be re instated to the PIF and that is what everyone has been saying all along. Have an election today and you are automatically back in.
  • Bainimarama is acting like a spoilt child. The Leaders of Australia and Ner Zealand are no fool like him, to be bad-mouthed, lied and talked down to like he is doing.

    He will find himself the lone fool in the Pacific without friends. It is well for him to remember that Ratu Mara; a leader whose record and qualification he never come close once lemented after the 1987 coup when Australia and New Zealand rejected Rabuka's government; that he has no friends left in the Pacific.

    What is wrong with looking north now... are you just finding out that you are just a mere jot in the ocean, as far as they are concerned?
  • Ha.ha.ha... @Voreqe
    Me tukuni vua na i vosavosa ya. Luveni sese valevu kemu macawa nomu gauna ni veiliutaki. Valialiai iko tikoga.

    This news makes my day guys. Its a sign of surrender. He know that he cann't beat them so he has to join them. There were signs of devastations comming and being a smart arse himself knows that he has to either give in and be like a fool so he should to get the loans or he will be killed. His guilty conscience has finally kicked in with this idiot.

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