Friday, July 09, 2010

Fiji Military Budget Continue to Rise

Revised Budget details revealed in gazette
Story by: Vijay Narayan - Fiji Village News - 9 July 2010

"The Military budget has also been increased in the revised budget by $8.54 million."

While the revised National Budget for 2010 sees a reduction in government expenditure by $75 million, some ministries and departments have received additional funds for the remaining months of this year.

The Operating Fund budget for Miscellaneous Services has been increased by $41.53 million to $84.629 million. 

The Ministry of Provincial Development also received a boost in the revised budget which has now been gazetted by President Ratu Epeli Nailatikau in an Appropriation Amendment Decree. 

The budget for Provincial Development has been increased by $21.810 million to $48.334 million.

The Ministry of Works and Transport budget has been revised and increased by $28 million. 

Hopes are high that these additional funds which now brings the Ministry's total budget to $170 million will see many projects in relation to infrastructure. 

The Ministry of Primary Industries has also received an additional $10 million based on the focus on agriculture.

The Military budget has also been increased in the revised budget by $8.54 million. 

This takes their estimated budget from $92.570 million to $101.118 million.

According to the gazetted revised budget, the Ministry of Justice also received an additional $2.2 million. 

According to government officials, most of the increases are based on planned capital works and expenditure.

However significant reductions have also been made for some ministries. 

Officials said some of the reductions are based on some projects not ready to begin with preparations not even starting. 

The budget of the Office of the Prime Minister has been reduced by $12 million, Ministry of Public Utilities and Energy budget has been reduced by $19.5 million, Ministry of Education budget reduced by $11 million, the Health Ministry budget is down by $9 million while the Ministry of National Planning is reduced by $8.7 million.

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