Friday, July 23, 2010

Fiji Dictator Bainimarama defends Military intervention

Friday, July 23, 2010

Fiji’s Prime Minister and Military Commander Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama has defended the military intervention in 2006.

In an interview with Radio Australia, Bainimarama says the military is the only entity that can bring about changes in Fiji.

He says the Fiji Military is not hungry for power like in many other countries.

“Military in Fiji is not like the Military in some African states where it’s done for power - not only power but the abuse of power. This is totally the opposite. We want power of course but power to bring about changes – to bring about the reforms.”

Bainimarama says he, his government and the military will be held accountable if reforms do not succeed.

“This is the only one opportunity the people of the nation have and especially this government has. If we lose this opportunity we will never have this time and opportunity again to bring about reforms for the betterment of our people. And if this doesn’t happen me, my government and the military will be blamed for it. So, we are not leaving any loopholes.”

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  • This is the lousiest excuse for the coup because it is a lie. We all kmow why Bainimarama took over the govt of Fiji and it was not for change but to save his sorry7 ass from rotting in prison something that is constantly on his mind. The more Bainimarama tries to deviate from the facts the more we are going to remind the world of the real reason for the coup. The military will never occassion any change because they are not trained to do that. Only a democratical;ly elected govt will occassion change that the people want, not the ones forced on them. So Bainimarama's claim for change as justification of his coup is a lie.
  • Bainimarama in his blind rage against Australia and New Zealand has gone racist. I am not making this statement lightly, but with all due deligent, taking into consideration past and present happenings. The sad part about this whole affair is the stupidity of some of our pacific neighbours, to be used by Bainimarama as weapons of his racial hatered.

    It is a fact that Australia and New Zealand are the only two white nations amongst the brown and black nations of the pacific. They also happen to be the most advanced and blessed with natural wealth, which is the envy of many nations the world over. It is therefore their obligations to lead the small needy nations to a better quality of life they may not achieve on their own.

    History tells us that most of these small nations were once colonies, governed by the white men through indirect rule by their local chiefly oligarchy. The colonial hangover is very much alive in some of the present leaders. They still look at the whites leadership with suspicion because of their inferiority complexes, and the inability to come into term with the 21st century. Leadership is by the strong. The weak obey and follows. This is a fact of life that defy any racial boundaries or economic considerations.

    Bainimarama is using race; white vs black, to awaken the longing amongst pacific Island leaders to lead their own group without the white masters. Bainimarama attack their prides to get support. Pride is one of the most destructive element of the human nature. " Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall" (Pro 16:18).

    The dictator hate Australia and New Zealand because they can see through him; a thing that the small Island nations cannot see because of their inferiority which leads them to insecurity.

  • How can a poor country like Fiji be a leader of a free society, when it is the only dictatorial government in the region, and a pauper amongst the paupers in the pacific?

    NA VEILIUTAKI NAI LAVO ! Na veiliutaki ena dakai ena tini ki wai.

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