Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Fiji Coup A Family Affair

by Sai Lealea - 6 July 2010

One thing is clear the 2006 coup in Fiji was and is a family affair. 

See below images of the illegal PM and dictator with his wife, his son, a private in the military, and his brother in law, a convicted murderer, who is back in his job as a disgraced Navy Commander.

Fiji must be reminded of the reality that the coup, as all other coup, tends to involve family members and friends of coup kingpins, benefiting from, or colluding in, the execution of the illegal take over of a democratically elected government.

This is no different in Fiji and the dictator's circle of friends and colleagues often tend to widen as people seek favours from the illegal regime out of weariness and longevity in suffering. 

This is precisely what is happening in Fiji as people who initially opposed the coup become compliant in order to preserve or eke out a livelihood under trying times. 

Sadly, by doing so, they have sold out on their fellow Fijians who want a return to democratic governance in Fiji. 

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