Friday, July 02, 2010

Dicatatorial Fiji Leader says Media Decree Response Positive

Radio New Zealand International - 02 July, 2010 

Fiji’s interim Prime Minister says media outlets and the business community have responded positively to the media decree.

There’s been criticism that the decree’s requirement that foreign ownership of media companies be limited to 10 percent could scare off foreign investors in other industries.

The requirement could also force the closure of the Australian-owned Fiji Times.

But Commodore Frank Bainimarama says that’s for the newspaper to decide, and other countries also have laws on foreign media ownership.

He told Auckland-based Radio Tarana the new decree will have a positive effect on access to accurate information

“Fiji has a vibrant and growing media industry in print, broadcasting and the new media, with lots of potential for investment. Currently we have fourteen plus media outlets, not including internet. While the Fiji Times claims to be a vital source of independent news, so are the other media outlets.” 

Commodore Bainimarama says the decree will also have a positive impact on the economy, human rights and governance.

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  • The media decree,after some bullshit discussion with stake holders, is now law. It is a fact that well demonstrates the modus operandi of the illegal regime; make the decree, discuss it with those it will effect for propaganda sake, and publish it without any change or thoughts for those concerned.

    It is no supprise that Bainimarama, in his arrogance has gone ahead and loud-mouth it's acceptance through his propaganda machine. It is most unfortunate that all medias (including the Fiji Times) will be carrying his lies to the people. It shows another side of Bainimarama that the people don't reaslize - his disdain for their feelings and what they need and want.

    There is no doubt that Fiji's potential foreign Investors are watching and taking note; not to mention the jitteries of those that are already operating in the country.

    This decree will add another nail to Fiji's econimic coffin to keep it tightly closed for the caretaker! It is not only because of the Fiji Times; but the unwritten message it sends to the businessmen around the world.

    Bainimarama will not decide the effect of this decree on the market place; but will feel the repercussion with vengance when the FTIB will be sitting idle without customers, and without money.

    It has often been said that truth is the first casualty of war. That has never been more true than in the war against oppression in Fiji.
  • I decree that truth will not be the 1st. casualty of war ! so there !

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