Saturday, July 03, 2010

300 more under Bloated and Unproductive RFMF

by Sophie Foster

Fiji Times - Saturday, July 03, 2010
THREE hundred more staff will come under defence now, head of ministry Ratu Epeli Ganilau has confirmed.
He said that was because of the shift of the Government Shipping Service under the Republic of Fiji Military Forces naval division.
Defence permanent secretary Jale Fotofili yesterday also gave an assurance that current GSS staff would not lose their jobs.
"Nobody is going to lose out. They will still remain in the service, still civil servants but the management of the Government Shipping Service will be by the Fiji naval division under Commander Kean," he said.
This as yesterday's revised 2010 budget confirmed the RFMF's staff summary would see an additional 60 established posts and 240 government wage earners, all of whom are GSS staff.
Also approved were 20 established posts for FMF and two government wage earners.
The GSS addition saw the naval division's budget revised upwards by just over $10million, the biggest chunk of which was for maintenance and operations, followed by funds for capital construction (including $1.4m for upgrading GSS shipping vessels, $0.5m to upgrade the GSS building, $0.25m for upgrading lighthouses). Around $1.5m was allocated as grant to Fiji Shipping Corporation, with another $200,000 for FSC operating expenses.
Around $1.57m was allocated to the division to pay for wages of the 240 GSS government wage earners and an additional $1.2m for 80 more established staff, 60 of whom are for GSS.

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