Tuesday, July 20, 2010

2006 takeover ‘rectified external pressure’

Source: Pacnews - July 20, 2010

Fiji’s defence minister Ratu Epeli Ganilau says the military takeover in 2006 was executed to rectify external pressure infiltrated within the government.

PACNWS reports that Ganilau made the revelation in his opening statement at the Regional Commissioners of Police Meeting underway at the Intercontinental Resort and Spa in Natadola.

“Fiji for instance continues to succumb to international pressures given our political situation, however it becomes crystal clear that a degree of external influence has infiltrated our systems, legal instruments and other aspects of governmental infrastructure, weakening our state orders.

“The rationale of the military take-over was to rectify these problems,” Ganilau said.

He said the ensuing political instability within the region, mostly in countries of the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) has often been referred to by academics as the “arch of instability".

“Let me reassure you that we are capable enough, as Pacific Islanders, of resolving our problems despite the limitations and constraints.

He said Pacific Island Countries must not allow external pressure to influence national security within their respective countries.

“We must bear in mind by allowing external influence to dictate in our respective international security, our capability would always be undermined, hence our constant reliance on international assistance seems to be the gateway to resolving our impasse an issue of national security.

“It is sad to say that our own Pacific Island Forum has been dictated by external authorities suppressing our real concern on pursuing issues that are of paramount importance to the state,” Ganilau added.

“The region had always succumbed to potential inevitable threats that are considered beyond our capabilities and that warrants national and regional commitment through bilateral or multilateral agreements,” he said.

Ganilau explained that small island states are greatly challenged by the evolving security landscape of the 21st century which have adversely impacted on social, political and economic development.

“Fiji stands ready to engage in exchange programs, encourage a levelled playing field for everyone to voice their concerns in a more comfortable forum that is a political, not biased and easily influenced from external


Representatives from Fiji, Federated States of Micronesia, Solomon Islands, Kiribati and Nauru are among the participants attending the conference.

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  • This clearly shows that Ganilau has no idea what he is talking about. The outside influence he is mentioning here are Australia and New Zealand who are members of the PIF and have a right to voice their opinion in the forum.

    If he could enighten the people of Fiji on what these threats we face as members of the Melanesian group we could then make our own assumption on the degree of misfortune it creates in the region. The last time Iooked, these two countries have been donating - giving, and did it all within the confines of the respective country's law.

    Here we witness dullness of wit in Ganilau's remarks that "external influence dictates to them" Sorry Ganilau, you guys have been conducting coups for over 20 years and nobody stopped you or tried to influence the soldiers to march into Parliment and hold your politicians hostage.

    You guys have forgotten what you said already ?...you are a sovereign country and as such the international community respects your law. What it is worried about is the amount of human rights abuse you are placing your people under.

    It is this speaking in toungue that has placed the soldiers under their spell, making them say and do things that defies sensibility and logic.
  • I doubt he wrote this speech. This was written by someone else and it just does not sound like EG (Epieli Ganilau). Anyway, who are this people kidding,and what a load of bs! The solution is simple, return Fiji to a democratric government. You are only prolonging the suffering of the people of Fiji by denying them their right to a free and democratic society.
    All those leaders you are inviting to Fiji to ünderstand" the situation were mandated and elected by the people. How can you pretend your are legal when you have broken every rule of the book for good governance and the rule of law. What hypocrites!

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