Sunday, June 06, 2010

Russia will help Fiji

Fiji Sun News - 6 June 2010
The Russian government has agreed to help Fiji in economic and political development. 
This was confirmed by the Russian Ambassador to Australia, Fiji and Vanuatu, Alexander Blokhin. 
Mr Blokhin was in the country with the hope to strengthen bilateral ties with Fiji. 
The Russian delegates, in their two-day visit, toured various ministries to discuss projects which Russia can assist.

“The main aim of this visit is to find concrete areas for co-operation,” Mr Blokhin said.
“It is important for Russia to develop bilateral relations with the Pacific and Fiji is a key country in the region. It is very important to Russia.” 
Mr Blokhin said, as an ambassador, it was in his power to strengthen relationship in political and economic ties. 
“There is goodwill from both sides for strengthening bilateral relationships. 
“This is a necessary background for developing mutual beneficial relations in economical developments.” 
Mr Blokhin said there were plans for Russia to sign a Memorandum of Understanding with Fiji on economic and cultural development as well. 
“We didn’t sign the agreement because of technical reasons and time constraints,” Mr Blokhin said.

“We have just received the document and we needed sometime for further deliberations and recommendation from our government.” This will be Mr Blokhin fourth visit here.

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