Tuesday, June 01, 2010

RUSSIA and Fiji to Sign Defence MOU

Fiji Sun News - 01 June 2010

A delegation from Russia will be in the country this week to sign a memorandum of understanding on defence and hold bilateral talks with Government.

Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama confirmed this to the Fiji Sun yesterday.

“Fiji and Russia will sign a memorandum of understanding this week,” the Prime Minister said.

He said Fiji would benefit. “Russia’s contribution to us is very important as they’re a member of the United Nations Security Council. It is a big nation as well and their knowledge will be useful to us.

“We are going to benefit from this,” he said.

The team to arrive in Fiji this week is made up of diplomatic representatives from Russia’s Embassy in Canberra, Australia.

Commodore Bainimarama said he would personally meet with them.

He said they would be holding bilateral talks.

There are 15 member countries that make up the United Nations Security Council.

Russia, China, France, United States of America and United Kingdom are the five permanent members of the council.

Meanwhile, moves are underway for the formation of the National Intelligence Agency by the Ministry of Defence. This agency will be similar to the disbanded Fiji Intelligence Services. In an earlier interview, Minister for Defence, Ratu Epeli Ganilau said details for the establishment of a national agency were being sorted out.

He said such an agency was vital for the protection of the country’s borders.

At the time, Ratu Epeli had said that followed the need to protect Fiji against the increasing global threat of terrorism.

He said the units would concentrate on national security issues involving terrorism and clandestine operations.

The MOU on defence with Russia will give Fiji the opportunity to seek their help and advice in the formation of this new agency.

Russia also has its own national intelligence agency.

Comments posted on Matavuvale.com
  • What a shame!!! This is an act of desperation. Ratu Suguraki has now resorted to prostituting the country to the highest bidder to gain some personal glory. What sort of intelligence will Ratu Suguraki's band of man be able to offer the Russians? Perhaps a lesson in how to make bow and arrows!!!!
  • The business world is welcoming the free trade agreement(FTA) negotiation with Russia. Currently negotiations are underway with Korea, India and eight members of the extended Trans Pacific Partnership,including New Zealand. Fiji has taken that step to tap into that free trade. FTA is a new phase for developing the new face of international trade.
  • Nothing is free although the name may suggest it. My point is, how will Fiji benefit from this apart from Ratu Suguraki trying to put his name in the headlines as if he is doing the nation a big favour?
  • Trouble is, in Frank's world, there is no accountability and no one knows where the taxes etc. will end up, though it's a good guess it will be in Frank and Co's pockets. I think it's called " good governance ", something these thieves and thugs no nothing about.
  • This is political madness. No, Political survival, for Frank and Co.

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