Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Pro Democracy Fighter's Water Storage Tank on Home IslandSabotaged

Posted on Matavuvale.com - 8 June 2010

Yesterday, my cousin, who is also taking care of our family home in Lomaloma rang me to say that while she was away at Church on Sunday (6/6) evening someone speared a 1" hole in the side and bottom of our 8000 litre fibre glass water tank. The compound had flooded when she returned home at about 8pm.
Our family was in a State of shock.
My team of 8 workers planned to go to Lomaloma, to repair our home and the HBK shop which were damaged by Hurricane Tomas at the end of this month and it was critical to have a tank full of water.
I have a fair idea, who is behind this. It stems from the demons that are in control of Fiji at present at both national and provincial levels. You can view their faces by who is benefiting most from the illegal events of 5th December 2006 and plan to stay in power for the long haul.
Of course, the incident has been reported to police, talatala, turaga ni koro and our village chief who is a first cousin (fathers are brothers).
We will fight these "elite" demons and their fears, with our truth in the belief that God is just.
This situation does not say much for the Village By Laws to come???
The same people control national, provincial and village levels behavior through guns and networks of cowardice bullies and "suguraki" attitudes.
By the way interesting personality test.
Hope VB reads this and tests himself, but at a guess he probably won't accept nor understand the report to pass it off as useless.
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  • Mere
    Every fingerprint of Voreqes illegal regime. Very sad incident indeed considering the way it was carried out. Their problem with thug Voreqe and his thug regime is they uses darkness of the night or behind innocent victims back to carry out their motives.You know they are cowards when they uses the method. They cannt front the truth.
    'The use of the Darkness of the Night you know why people lie. Its the truth brings them pain and misery. And lies bring them happiness and hopefulness. '

    Hope the laws takes its course.

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