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Prayers Have Averted Fiji Tsunami Disaster

Sai's Comments:

  • Fiji, and in particular the current illegal regime, should be very thankful that the prophesised disaster has been averted thanks to the Nadi pastor.
  • It is clear that his prophesy had alerted the people of Fiji of different faiths to engage in prayer and no doubt other forms of worship, in the attempt to seek divine intervention over the impending disaster.
  • Whether you are a believer or not, you must be impressed by the Pastor's bravery and spiritual courage and fortitude for sharing his vision with the rest of the people of Fiji. 
  • I for one received numerous versions of his warning email and did my part privately to seek the almighty's hand to cast protection over my beloved country of Fiji.
  • The fact there was earthquake the day he prophesised, be it one incapable of generating the anticipated disaster, still served as a reminder of what could have been for Fiji. 
  • It is no doubt a warning to the illegal regime currently depriving the people of Fiji their rights and freedom. No wonder the illegal PM and his surrogate son, the illegal AG, had conveniently absented themselves from Fiji to coincide with the timing of the prophesised disaster. Then again, for the illegal PM, such a quick escape to save his skin has become a habit in the face of impending doom. He may run as he has been doing up to now, but he can't hide from the illegalities of his illegal rule. Like all of us he will have to answer for his crimes sooner or later.
  • So instead of taking the Pastor in for interrogation, the illegal regime should in fact be thanking him for triggering a tsunami of prayers by the people of Fiji to seek protection from the disaster and avert a monumental tragedy.

False prophet

by Riteshni Singh
Fiji Times - Thursday, June 24, 2010
A PASTOR was in police custody last night after his predictions of a disaster at 2.30pm yesterday fell flat but not before forcing people to flee to safety.
Pastor Laione Lutumaimuri Nacevamaca and Fiji Rugby Union chairman Bill Gavoka were taken into custody for allegedly spreading rumours about the tsunami.
Police spokesman Inspector Atunaisa Sokomuri said the two would be charged under the Public Order Act after confirmation from the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions.
Mr Nacevamaca was taken into custody in Suva and Mr Gavoka was detained in Nadi.
Insp Sokomuri said the men had caused unnecessary panic and anxiety.
Communities on Rabi and Nagigi on Vanua Levu fled to higher ground believing their villages would be hit by the tsunami.
Mr Nacevamaca had predicted that an earthquake and tsunami would cause major damage at 2.30pm yesterday.
Earlier yesterday an earthquake measuring 4.3 on the Richter Scale was generated near Doi on Ono-i-Lau and about 500 kilometres below the surface.
The Mineral Resources Department confirmed the earthquake occurred at 10.16am and said it was too deep to generate a tsunami.
Meanwhile, Public Service Commission permanent secretary Parmesh Chand said civil servants who deliberately missed work because of the prophecy would be disciplined. He said PSC was collecting data from ministry heads on the absentees.
"I can't reveal information on the absentees but we are collecting data," he said.

Villagers flee to hills

Fiji Times - Thursday, June 24, 2010
TEACHERS of Nagigi Seventh-day Adventist Primary outside Savusavu yesterday arrived to an empty school after children fled with their parents.
Less than half of the 160 students showed up while the rest, terrified of a prediction of a tsunami, sought shelter in the hills.
School manager Sairusi Tabua said: "Students from Nacavanadi Village didn't show up today.
"Parents have taken their children up the hills near Wainigata because they feel safer up there, out of reach of the tsunami which people are talking about.
"This is shocking because we are supposed to listen to weather bulletins but it seems people are taking heed of the prophecy."
Mr Tabua said they had lodged a complaint with police about a church pastor believed to be preaching visions of doom.
"This is scaring people and as some left their homes from a few days ago. Those who are spreading these rumours should be taken to task."

Fiji quake prophesiers seized

by MICHAEL FIELD Stuff News link

Two men are in Fiji military custody over a failed prediction that the Pacific nation was to be hit by a natural disaster at 2.30 pm today.
Fiji Rugby Union chairman Bill Gavoka and pastor Laione Lutumaimuri Nacevamaca have been seized by the military regime for spreading rumours.
Nacevamaca issued a warning of a tsunami while Gavoka, who was also with the Fiji Visitors Bureau, sent tourist operators an email last week urging them to keep away from the water.
The deadline passed unnoticed this afternoon, but across Fiji many schools have been closed and in outlaying areas people went to higher ground and cancelled all social events, including funerals.
Fiji media are under military censorship but sources told Stuff this afternoon that Nacevamaca was now being held at a military base and was expecting physical punishment if a tsunami failed to arrive within the next day.
Assistant Superintendent Luke Navela of the Major Crimes Unit told the FijiLive website that Gavoka and the pastor will probably be charged over the prediction.
Spreading rumours is an offence under Fiji's military state of emergency.
Earlier today the US Geological Survey reported that an earthquake of magnitude of 5.5 hit the Fiji region at 10.16 am.
It centred between Fiji and Tonga but was 563 kilometres deep and so far no tsunami warning has been issued.
The area, near the Tonga Trench, generates hundreds of earthquakes each year.
It was not felt in Suva.
The regime has warned civil servants they must be at work today and schools must be open.
Coup leader Voreqe Bainimarama strongly dismissed the rumours but he has left Fiji and is attending the Arab League Summit in the Dubai.
On Rabi Island, local reports say, the islanders have prepared emergency shelters and moved to higher grounds.
Public Service Commission permanent secretary Parmesh Chand says those that do not turn up to work will face disciplinary action. 
"Our advice is essentially - for those who deliberately do not turn up to work today due to the so-called prophesy or rumours - today is a normal working day and we expect a 100 percent turnout and those who fail to turn up, disciplinary action will be taken against them."
Education Minister Filipe Bole says all schools will be open today and parents should not stop children from attending school. 
Bole says no school will be closed, and he does not expect any disruptions to the normal school day
Gavoka, the former head of the Fiji Visitors Bureau, had got into trouble for circulating Nacevamaca's warning to tourist operators.

The original warning letter from pastor Nacevamaca said he was "moved" to make the prediction after the Nadi Weather Office predicted 11 cyclones last summer. 
"The predicted cyclone will come, but a more devastating disaster will hit Fiji in June, 2010. Earthquakes and waves will hit the entire land from all directions. After the waves, strong winds and rain will follow."

Nacevamaca said.

"I talked to the Lord God some more and he stressed the day. This time in June 2010, the disaster will hit Fiji. It will be chaotic, catastrophe that Fiji has never experienced before.
"Immediately I looked at my cell phone clock, it was exactly 2.30pm," Nacevamaca said.
"My friend, the coming disaster will hit our island nation, Fiji, on the 23rd day of June, 2010
"This is the date and time. Mark to your calendar. Add it to your prayer lists. Get right with the Lord God!!
"Prepare yourself for it."

Earthquake will not trigger tsunami

Fiji Times - Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A 4.7 magnitude earthquake more than 500 kilometers deep has triggered fear among people in Fiji that a tsunami is going to hit at 2.30pm today.

The prophecy on an impending disaster has been circulated by a Nadi pastor who claims that God told him about the disaster.

Mineral Resources Department in Fiji has confirmed the earthquake occurred at 10.16am and said it was too deep to generate a tsunami.

The earthquake was centred between Fiji and Tonga and so far no tsunami warning has been issued.

It was not felt in Suva.

Local reports say people on the Rabi Island have prepared emergency shelters and moved to higher grounds.

Funerals have also been called off today.

Nadi pastor, FRU chairman expected to be charged
Fiji Village News - 23 June 2010 

Police are expected to lay charges against Nadi based pastor Laione Lutunacevamaca and Fiji Rugby Union chairman Viliame Gavoka in relation to the e-mails that were circulated over the past few weeks about a so-called prophecy today.

Fiji Rugby Union chairman Viliame Gavoka

The email originated from the Nadi pastor and was also circulated by Gavoka to many tourist operators and members of the public.

Police spokesperson Inspector Atunaisa Sokomuri said the two caused a lot of unnecessary panic and police are also trying to establish what the reason behind these actions was.

Inspector Sokomuri said they will also assess all information, including reports that some media outlets gave a lot of information on the so called prophecy and some even started advising people not to send children to school today. 

He also confirmed that they have gathered sufficient background of the Nadi Pastor who runs the Kuriakos Church in Nadi.

Fiji Live News - June 23, 2010 

DISMAC will stick to science says Dobui

Fiji’s disaster management agency DISMAC will stick to professional advice instead of so-called prophecies when it comes to warnings of natural disasters says the agency’s acting director Pajiliai Dobui.

Commenting on a widely-circulated prophecy about an earthquake and tsunami striking Fiji today, Dobui said there had been nothing detected by the Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre (PTC) in Hawaii, which issues tsunami alerts for the region.

“We will depend on our machines,” Dobui told FijiLive.

“We’ll wait for instructions from Hawaii,” he said.

“We’ll only take any action from PTC. We’re not going to be moved by anything else on what course of action we’d like to take.”

“It’s much safer to depend on professional advice as against the prophecy which has nothing credible that we can depend upon.”

“The prophecy is more for church people to pray for the nation. We’ll go by technical advice.”

Fiji Rugby Union chairman Bill Gavoka has been arrested and questioned in relation to an email about the prophecy, with other arrests reportedly due over the matter, said to be in breach of Fiji’s Public Emergency Regulations which make it a crime to cause any kind of public disturbance.

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