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Meet the new associate professor in law: Shaista Shameem

Posted by Pacific in the Media - Tuesday, June 8, 2010

In case you missed the recent University of Fiji’s Academic Calendar for 2010, it is worth noting that Shaista Shameem, the former director of the Fiji Human Rights Commission, the 2006 coup apologist, and champion of inhuman rights in Fiji has been appointed as associate professor at the University of Fiji’s School of Law.

The vision of the School of Law is to develop into a leading and prestigious Law School in the Asia- Pacific region with a diverse range of strengths providing affordable, high quality, relevant, and socially responsible legal education to the community. Among the values of the University of Fiji law programme are that it will:

• Be contemporary and at the same time futuristic, rooted in Fiji but well exposed to regional and international developments, taking full account of increasing globalization;

• Vigorously promote accountability, trust, ethics and moral values in professional legal practice;

• Promote and uphold the rule of law.

Fiji, get prepared to laws of the jungle from her, especially when the Chancellor of the UoF is none other that unconstitutionalist Ratu Josefa Iloilo and the honorary dean of the School of Law is Justice Devendra Pathik, who had not only ruled in favour of Bainimarama in the Fiji High Court, but was seen applying holi powder to the dictator’s forehead shortly before delivering the anti-Qarase judgment along with Anthony Gates and John Bryne, who had just come out of the hair dresser’s after a makeover of black over his white hair.

So don’t be surprised for more black justice in coupland!

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  • what a total farce!!
  • The University of Fiji should be de regidtered like Bond University in Australia because of Coup supporters that are employed there.This is a black eye to the Fiji Higher Education system.
  • Does she fit into any of the categories below or is this another promotion via the illegal network that she supports?

    Criteria for promotion to Associate Professor.

    A candidate must normally have taught satisfactorily at both the undergraduate and graduate level. He or she must have maintained an up-to-date knowledge of his or her field and be able to communicate this knowledge. The Department will particularly value the candidate who has not merely carried out assigned duties effectively but who has made innovative contributions where appropriate, including work done on his or her own initiative.

    If the candidate has not already worked with graduate students on research topics, he or she should be judged capable and willing to do so. The FEC will look for evidence that the candidate is capable of generating student interest in his or her research specialty.

    Research work of high quality is essential. It should have already received some recognition at the national level, as evidenced by citations, invited presentations, grant support and/or letters of evaluation from distinguished experts outside the University. There must be concrete evidence that the candidate will eventually achieve distinction in his or her field.

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