Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Government and Military set 2014 targets

Fiji Broadcasting Corporation - 31 May 2010

Government and the Military have set themselves a target to deliver a more developed, stable and united Fiji to the new government that will come into power in 2014.

Speaking this morning in Nukuni Village in Ono-I-Lau, the furthest island in the Lau Group, Prime Minister Commodore Bainimarama says the focus now is on education, health, water, roads and electricity as well as removing race based politics.

FBC News’ Stanley Simpson filed this report:

“The people of Ono-I-Lau presented a “matanigasau”, a traditional apology to Commodore Bainimarama for opposing him in the past saying now they support him and are inspired by his leadership despite the criticism he has been exposed to, locally and abroad.

Bainimarama accepted the apology and urged the islanders to accept the changes his government is bringing and his only aim is to build a better Fiji.

He says he understands the people of Ono-I-Lau supported the SDL government but many did not know the problems and instability they were posing to the country and that is why the Military removed Laisenia Qarase from power.

Bainimarama says they did not dissolve the Great Council of Chiefs out of disrespect but to stop politicians from influencing and manipulating the august body.

He says the chiefs were getting involved in politics and seeking more for themselves rather than looking after their people.

He says the Methodist Church has been urged to stay out of politics and remove any political influence from their midst but warns that he would step in and change the church if it is God's will.

Bainimarama informed the villagers of proposed changes to the NLTB and says he is urging civil servants to get out of their offices and into the field and among the people.”

Comments posted on Matavuvale.com
  • This alleged "matanigasau" had been discredited by Loru's source from his village. Apparently there was only a "sevusevu" but the suguraki propaganda machine had been hard at work again. What he did not tell them though is the state of the economy. The next time he plans to visit the Lau Group he may have to use a rowing boat as there will be no money left for the shipping services. Especially the way he has been pocketing his illegal allowances fron all these visits and overnight stays.
  • Na levu gona ni koco, baleta i liu nai lavo levu e sega ni laurai, qo, sa lewa sara tu ga o koya nai lavo.
  • Let us not fool ourself in believing that there will be an election in 2014! What we are seeing is an attempt an "fence mending." Na lasu kei na vosa vakavuku e caka tiko, e sagai tiko kina me ubi nai boi ni mate ni veiliutaki veilecayaki ni matanitu suguraki! The real plan behind all this bullshiting is to buy time to stay in power for as long as their BLUFF can save them. Sa mamaca na gusu ena lasu kei na kania na nodra i lavo na lewe ni vanua. Sa voleka ni maca na beniseni ni waqa ni matanitu... SA VAKARAU 'QO NA QALO!
  • It's not about staying in power, it's about slowly breaking the will of the people as the economy fails, then talking them into land reforms ! It's always been about land !
  • Now at last we are witnessing the lies and coniving way this illegal regime is going about it path of destroying Fiji by pretending to be the help that the rural and maritime communities need. The recent visit to Lau is a good example. When Yasayasa said that they need teachers, Bainimarama said his illegal govt. will provide them. At the same time teachers who have reached 55 years are retired and there are no replacement in sight.
  • The matanigasau or asking for forgiveness by the rural communities is a lie. People just do welcome ceremonies when dignatories visit them but the govt controlled press have to go ahead and tell this blatent lie about the soro to Bainimarama that the Lau people are doing. This is far from the truth.
  • Now we have the illegal PM promising to lower the cost of building material just to please the people of Yasayasa. Now who is playing politics here and the promised election that he is preaching now is still 4 years away?
  • Now Russia is being introduved intro the mix.Where does Bainimarama go to from here next? North Korea? I am sure the peoples of Fiji are watching this bad manouvers by the illegal govt and are wondering when will it all end?
  • The Bainimarama led coup has brought nothing but misery to the peoples of Fiji and the illegal regime is finding the going tough and are resorting to unwarranted techniques to stay afloat. The militarization of the Public Service will make sure that the PSC takes care of the exuberant military pay. Early retirement would have saved money but the continued writeoffs will not allow this.
  • It just baffles the mind that when educated people tell the Illegal Govt that the path taken is the wrong one Bainimarama becomes the dictator with his know it all mentality and just goes ahead with do it because I say so. It is time for every right thinking Fijian to stand up to this illegal Regime and say enough is enough.

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