Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Fiji signals realignment towards China and Russia

Radio New Zealand International -  09 June, 2010

The Fiji Land Force Commander, Brigadier General Pita Driti, says Fiji is realigning its foreign policy towards Russia and China.

Speaking to Auckland-based Radio Tarana, Brigadier General Driti says New Zealand and Australia are bullies who cry over spilt milk.

He says China as well as Russia are now knocking on Fiji’s door.

He says Russia is now more interested in the Pacific and that balance of power is needed.

Relations between the interim regime in Suva and some Pacific Islands Forum countries cooled further after a Forum ministrial group noted that the situation in Fiji was worsening.

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  • This is the most dangerous thing that Bainimarama can do. Pita Driti was talking about the balance of power in the Pacific and that is why China and Russia are being invited in to Fiji. Does Driti and Bainimarama really understand the term " balance of power" or are they trying to play with the big boys in a league that is totally beyond their understanding?
  • Bainimarama and Driti, one thing is sure and that is both of you do not know how to run with the big boys. Driti said that because NZ and Aust are the bullies in the Pacific region Fiji needs to get China and Russia into the Pacific to counter NZ and Aust. If my memory serves me right, the only bullying that is done in the Pacific region is the one Bainimarama and Driti are dishing out to the Fijian people through the PER.
  • New Zealand and Australia do not have the time to worry about Bainimarama and his B/S because they people of NZ and Aust receive the best service from their elected govt. In bringing in Russia and China into the Pacific region have they forgotten the US Pacific 6th Fleet that is stationed in Hawaii? What happens if America calls Bainimarama's bluff and move against China and Russia? What will Bainimarama and Driti do, bring in the Kiro and Kula to face the USA and protect the people of Fiji?
  • Driti I always thought you had some brains, now I know the truth, you do not and you are stupid and you talk about things you do not understand. Sa maumau na laki vuli mai na staff college mai Australia.

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