Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Bainimarama says NZ and Australia misled by their Suva-based officials

Radio New Zealand International -  02 June, 2010 

Fiji’s interim prime minister, Commodore Frank Bainimarama, says he is concerned that misleading information is being provided to Canberra and Wellington.

He told the Fijivillage website that officials at the Australia and New Zealand High Commissions should get out of their offices to find out what is happening.

Commodore Bainimarama says his feedback is that people are happy with his government’s focus on infrastructure, agriculture, tourism, health and education.

And he questions what is getting worse in Fiji after a Forum Contact Group meeting in Auckland this week was told that the Fiji situation is deteriorating.

Commodore Bainimarama says some officials are speaking to a group of people who always oppose or see wrong in everything his government does.

The Auckland meeting was the Contact Group’s first since last year’s decision by the regime to abolish the constitution, sack the judiciary and impose media censorship.

This year, the regime issued a decree granting itself immunity from prosecution for its members’ actions in the past decade.

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  • Perhaps because your govt is an illegal one ratu suguraki, when will that get throguh your thick skull? Infrastructure is part and parcel of any govt, that is their responsibility. What about the state of the economy? Do you have any long term strategy to revive the economy rather asking to borrow from anyone who is willing to listen to your lies? There has been no progress since you took over the democratically elected govt, any growth has only been negative so, get your head out of the sand dune although you may enjoy sticking your backside up in the air!!!!
  • Bainimarama must know that there is nothinbg right in anything he does because it is Illegal in the first place. He is reacting like a spoilt Brat because in Fiji no one dares to confront him because no one wants to lose their jobs or be taken to Camp for interrogation and torture. The PER is still in force and that is the power given to the Military and Police in Fiji to abuse Hunam Rights and Civil Liberties.
  • Physical change like road upgrades etc has nothing to do with the socioeconomic change that Fiji desperately needs now.The change neede now Mike is for Bainimaramna to allow Democratic elections to take place and he will see that no one is behind him in his venture in Fiji.It is the Power of the gun that is keeping Bainimarama in Power. When the gun goes, Bainimarama will go too.
  • His rehtorics are meaningless because Fiji is being led by uneducated fools like him and the whole world is witnessing a corrupt illegal regime doing its best as being the wort thing that has ever happened to Fiji.
  • Now he is trying to bring in the meaningless MSG meeting to Fiji as a show that he is important when every one knows that all the MSG countries except Fiji listen to New Zealand and Australia.Where does that leave Bainimarama? Right by the Chinese funded Ba ni ua in Kiuva, nowhere. Stupidity leads to meaningless leadership which is prevailent in Fiji under the illegal suguraki PM Bainimarama.

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