Thursday, May 20, 2010

Senior police officers terminated

by Timoci Vula

Fiji Times -  May 20, 2010

Sai's comments:
  • Two more better qualified Police officers, better than Teleni himself, are now being removed unlawfully in line with the vindictive policy of the illegal regime's approach to running the country.
  • I say this as one of the officers is known to me. He is one of those rare Police officers who is a university graduate and indeed a winner of the Police Marksman award as a recruit. 
  • Fiji Police will sadly be deprived of his skills, let alone qualification and intellect, something Teleni and his cronies, like  SSP Waisea Tabakau, are abundantly bereft of. 
  • The two dismissed officers can now ply their qualifications and experience elsewhere as I know other Police forces will only be too happy to engage them.
  • A mark of bad leadership is often characterised by the regular departure of good quality talent from an organisation. Teleni fits the template of a lousy leader perfectly.
  • Then again, we all knew this well before he unlawfully took over the top job in the Fiji Police.

TWO senior police officers had their contracts terminated last month after allegations they colluded to rally against Commissioner of Police Commodore Esala Teleni.

Police spokeswoman Ema Mua told the Fiji Times the two senior officers, an assistant to the commissioner and a department director, were suspended earlier pending investigations.

"Last month, their contracts were terminated for insubordination because they had tried to rally other officers against the commissioner," Ms Mua said.

She said a special taskforce team had since been set up to further investigate the involvement of other officers in the same case.

"The team is investigating few other officers who may have been seen or noted to have colluded with the two senior officers to rally against Cmdre Teleni," Ms Mua said.

"That investigation is still ongoing and once that is completed, further action -- depending on the outcome -- will be taken," she said.

Former police pair ‘tried to remove Teleni’

Fiji Live News - 21 May 2010
Two former senior Fiji police officers will appear in court this afternoon on charges of trying to remove the Police Commissioner Esala Teleni.

According to police spokesperson Ema Mua, the two were suspended three months ago “after allegations were placed for removing the commissioner”.

“Special taskforce teams were investigating this matter and after the charges were laid yesterday, the two were terminated,” Mua told FijiLive.

“More investigations are going on for other police officers who are suspected to be involved in this matter,” she added. 

Mua said the case should send a warning to all police officers. 

“People who join the police force should be loyal, otherwise it will lead to what we have in this case,” she said.

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  • For how long Teleni? Your 'Praise the Lord' Police force or whatever is short lived. More courages people will stand up against you. Good news is the Police and Army division is visible. You'll never succeed Teleni.
  • Thats what you get Teleni when you put force on people.They'll one day turn around and apply the same force on you tikolol.......
  • Special Branch, Rusiate Tuidravu and Berenando Kolinio
    You two are heros for standing up against Teleni. I suggest that the judge should also look into their case closely and consider everyones anger within the Police for militarising the force.
  • First his selection into the Police is uncalled because they have enough qualified officers who could be leaders. Second, his conversion of officers into church goers is not neccessary and against the constituion. Third, his overspending spree on illegal church parades. Fourth his association and his brother Atus influence in the force. etc.

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