Tuesday, May 04, 2010

PINA to consider moving Pacnews out of Fiji again

Radio NZ International - 04 May 2010
The President of the Pacific Island News Association says it will be reconsidering its decision not to leave Fiji. PINA, and its wire service PACNEWS are based in Fiji and like all media there, operates under censorship restrictions. So far it has resisted calls to relocate, but over the past few months the criticism of the news association's manager and president has got louder. And with new media laws soon to be implemented in Fiji, President Moses Steven has said it is again looking at its position.

That news comes as Mr Steven is being criticised again for a statement released on World Press Freedom Day, which appears to call on Pacific media to forego its watchdog role and instead become a partner with national governments.

Comments posted on Matavuvale.com 
  • Regional bodies will eventually move one way or another, the USP have folded some of their subjects because of lack of students enrolling in them, which consequently means a substantial drop in fees but their expenditure remains the same.
  • Those other regional organisations will also feel the strain brought by this illegal government because they also will be dictated to, which in turn will restrict their operation and that could also force them to move. I know that Fiji is convenient and central with all facilities readily available but what does one do when the enviroment they are working in is a military camp equivalent ?

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