Thursday, May 27, 2010

Illegal PM Visits Moce Island

Fiji Broadcasting Corporation, May 27, 2010

Prime Minister, Voreqe Bainimarama continued his tour of the Lau group today.

Bainimarama has so far visited the islands of Moala, Totoya and Ono-I-Lau.

He is visiting the island of Cicia later today.

FBC’s Stanley Simpson is with the Prime Minister’s delegation and filed this report:

“Bainimarama arrived on the Island of Moce, the fourth Island on his tour to the Lau group.

The people of Moce, like all the islands he has visited so far presented a traditional apology for opposing him in the past and pledged their support to his leadership.

This represents the growing shifts and momentum's in support for Bainimarama which seems to have taken hold across the country.

Bainimarama has told villages that he has visited those who do not accept the changes his government is bringing will be left behind.

In Moce today, he emphasized his government’s commitment to developing rural areas and outer islands.

Bainimarama has largely discussed his message of building a better Fiji.

And issues raised by the islands he has visited have been the same, improving the Shipping services, communication infrastructure, the development of income generating activities and health and education issues.”

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  • No one would dare to speak up against this illegal regime and ratu suguraki due to the odds stacked against them. Like Kadavu, Tailevu, Ra & Ba respectively the districts they will do the right thing for their people. But if ratu suguraki is dead serious about finding out what they really think then there is no other way except to go to the polls.
  • He must think that rural dwellers are as stupid as him. When will they ever see him again? This is another desperate attempt to convince the rest of the world about his popularity. He will use this visit as prove about his popularity (not)in his plea to gain some funds from overseas to fund his illegal regime.

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