Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Fijian Identity Redefined by Illegal Regime

Posted on Matavuvale.com - 04 May 2010
By a Fijian [Gone i Taukei]
So if the gossip-mongers are telling the truth about Khaiyum's plan to push a new decree to name everyone from Fiji, Fijian then someone is either getting desperate to affirm their identity or they are having an identity crisis in a big way.

Fijians will always claim their identity as being Fijians or Ai Taukei Dina. That cannot be removed from them whether the Khaiyummies & the rest will accept or not accept, thats their choice. Thats the fact of the matter.

What is now surfacing is the push by some within the Fiji Indian inner circle that they must be called Fijians. Why? Is there an underlining intention so that they can have land claims also and be entitled to communal lands?

It seems this "renaming" strategy to make the destruction of Fijians more palatable to those that are paying 'blood money' as primary theme.

A quick check confirms that only some within the Indian segment are really wanting this 'renaming strategy' not the Rotumans, Banabans, Part Europeans, Chinese, Europeans etc.

This will be the height of stealing an Indigenous Identity where the plight of the Fijian people of the Fiji Islands in the Pacific Ocean are secretly & brutally being executed in Khaiyum et al's effort to displace them from their own homeland by making way for some secret plans ialready in the pipeline by this illegal regime.

By a Fijian [Gone i Taukei]
Comments posted on Matavuvale.com
  • There you go Fijians, next to go is the land, all living in the village will now have to pay taxes, gone are those days when we used to be a unique indigenous group of people on this planet known as 'Fijians'. There is going to be no more pride in your Koro, Tikina, Yasana, Vanua...etc Sa qima!! We all just stood by and let this Khaiyum entity erase our existence off the face of this planet.
    How dumb is that!!
  • '..if you are born in Fiji and hold a Fijian citizenship, you are a Fijian."

    CORRECTION Aiyarse!
    Anyone in the Vola ni Kawa Bula (Fijian Register of Birth)  will always be a Fijian including their children's children. No government (legal or illegal) can take that away. Citizenship are paper ties only NOT blood and flesh ties so it doesn't mean anything. Take away Fijians rghts from VKB Aiyarse then you'll find yourself and your boss Vore's in a different world by the real owners Fijian.
  • That's all they were after? change the Constitution and take our God given heritage? our Land, and make the Kaiviti a SLAVES in their own country. How long before all this BAINI supporters going to wake-up and realised what this moron Voneqe is doing to his own people the KAIVITI?
  • Ni yadra mai na Luvei Viti.............kua ni qai yadra eda sa bera? sa noda na BUINA!

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