Monday, May 03, 2010

"Fijian" decree could be imminent

Radio New Zealand International - 03 May 2010

A member of the committee that helped draft Fiji’s now-abrogated constitution says he expects the new regime to use the term "fijian" to mean all citizens when it writes a replacement document.

Fiji’s Attorney General, Aiyaz Saiyed Khaiyum has told the Fiji Broadcasting Corporation that all Fiji citizens should be known as Fijians, a term previously used only for the indigenous community.

An Australia-based Fiji academic, Dr Brij Lal, who helped write Fiji’s 1997 constitution, says he would not be surprised if the term was used inclusively in the next constitution, or if the regime acts soon to pass a decree on the word.

“Things in Fiji have been done by decree since April 2009, and there’s nothing stopping the military regime from publishing a decree saying that everyone from henceforth “be known as Fijians"

Brij Lal says he sees no reason the term Fijian should not apply to everyone from Fiji.

Comments posted on (Log on to Matavuvale)
  • What is regretable here ladies and gentlemen is the fact that there is no amount of reform that this illegal govt can take away the fact that it is still a military dictatorship under one man rule.Even the constituion will be for self preservation and longevity of the dictator and it will having nothing to do with the welfare of the peoples of Fiji.As we have seen so far in this illegal regimes attemp tp legitimize itself, it has trumped up the judiciary and has made sure that all judges rule in the illegal regime's favour or they face the consequences of being without a job.There is decline in economic enterprises and social justicve is a virtual non existence.
  • The soldiers are being used in peacekeeping duties to protect the human rights of the other countries wjhile they (soldiers) in Fiji have abused human rights and civil liberties.
  • Today the DFFM USA met with USA congreewoman Lean Wolsey of California and we have put the plight of the Fiji people in the forefront of this woman's agenda.There is hope yet and as the days drag on Bainimarama the Dictator finds himself outside looking in instead of inside looking out.
  • What seems to amazes me all the time is how ignorant this illegal gov is. Vore and Kaiyarse are ruining the country and the people need to revolt for the betterment of our people and there children.
  • This guys a doing whatever and whenever that pleases them, when they hit a wall of rejection,they will make up a stupid decree to break that wall....and they will keep on doing it till they are stop, either in a peaceful or violent way.
  • They have gone past the road of turning back, so deeper holes need to be dug deeper with no bottom so they will drop a long fall with no returns.

    Power to the People!!

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