Monday, May 03, 2010

Fiji Position Paper to US Congress by US Fijians for Democracy in Fiji

Posted on - 03 May 2010


This is the position paper of the DFFM-USA for the meeting tomorrow 5/3/2010 10:15am in California

Madam Lynn Woolsey
US Congressional Representative
Washington DC

Monday 3 May 2010

Dear Madam Woolsey

We thank you for the opportunity provided for our group to meet with you despite your very busy schedule.

We represent the Fiji Back to Democracy Movement with its membership based mainly in Marin and Sonoma counties.

Our main goal is the removal of the Military dictatorship now ruling Fiji and the speedy restoration of democracy and the rebuilding of a nation.

We kindly urge you to bring the US’s attention and concerns to bear on the unfortunate situation unfolding in Fiji.

We all understand that the scourge of a military dictatorship directly strips people of their basic human rights to live in a free and just society. This sadly has been the case since the military coup of December of 2006.

The political instability that has ensued in Fiji and the deterioration of the Fiji economy which began before the recent global downturn has created severe hardships particularly in the lives of women and children. Recently there was a Typhoid epidemic a disease which really only affects countries with very poor health and support infrastructure.

The world at large does not appreciate the grave concern we have over the destruction of the social and economic fabric of Fijian society. The military has corrupted the administration of Government, the Judiciary and the Police with the consequential ill effects on people’s morale and lives.

The military has installed powerful families into positions of authority in much the same fashion Haiti evolved from a once thriving economy into the corrupt and poorest country in the western hemisphere.

Madam, Fiji is right at the US’s doorstep yet the situation has been allowed to fester and deteriorate. It is truly unfortunate that military regimes once considered passé is allowed to flourish without much opposition.

The Military regime is able to sustain loyalty among its members by providing jobs for the boys as part of the United Nations Peacekeeping and Security operations in Iraq and also as part of the US’s peacekeeping mission in Sinai.

Madam Woolsey we strongly request that you urge the complete cessation of the use of Fiji troops as part of the UN mission in Iraq and elsewhere and also to cease their involvement with US peacekeeping abroad. Such an action will send the strongest message yet of the world’s disapproval of the military regime in Fiji.

We would also like to urge the US to impose stricter sanctions on Fiji as the military regime continues to ignore international condemnation of its hold on power. Stronger US sanctions would also send a strong signal to countries such as China and India who in their pursuit of their narrow geo-political interests provide tacit support for the regime much as China does in Sudan.
We are indeed honored to bring our concerns to you Madam and hope for the sake of the women and children of Fiji that this great country the US will be able to assist in their sad plight.

Freedom and Democracy for Fiji Movement (FDDM) - USA

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