Wednesday, April 14, 2010

World Knows of The Militarization of Fiji Government and Boards

By Epi..SWM - 14 April 2010 -

Below is a who’s who list of military stooges that are/were in Bainimarama’s despotic regime since the 2006 coup that will bankrupt the nation. No doubt their lame justification is that “I was only following orders to save the country.” Well there is no such defence mighty saviours! At least on planet earth!  

Meanwhile we all remember “No Military officer will benefit from the coup”- Bainimarama 06 Dec 2006- quote. So be prepared to face the music soon as Fiji’s economy collapses. Frank and Aiyaz’s ‘immunity ‘decree won’t save you.   There are numerous other underlings and spies in Government, all over the country and overseas. 

Please add/correct list should you know more of the goons so that the world knows. 

1.  Commodore  Vorege Bainimarama –Prime Minister/ Min of Finance
2.   Brigadier  Epeli Nailatikau –President
3.   Brigadier  Epeli  Ganilau –Minister Defence
4.   Captain  Timoci  Lesi Natuva –Minister Infrastructure 5
5.   Commander Netani Sukanaivalu-Minister Lands 6
6.   Colonel  Samu Saumatua- Minister for Local govt Urban and Housing
7. Cmdr Esala Teleni- Police Comm, Fiji Rugby Union Govt Board Executive
8.  Brig Ioane  Naivalurua- Prisons Commissioner/ Post Fiji Chairman
9. Brig Aziz Mohamed- Dir Board FHL/ Dir Merchant Finance
10. Lt Col Pio Tikoduadua- Perm Sec PM/ Board AFL
11. Lt Col Mason Smith- Perm Sec Agriculture
12. Lt Col Neumi Leweni- Perm Sec Min of Information /Board Fiji TV
13. Lt Col Manasa Vanigi- Perm Sec Ethnic Affairs /Regional Dev
14.Col Apakuki Kurusiga- A Perm Sec Ethnic Affairs 
15.Maj Isikeli Mataitoga- Ambassador Brussels
16. Lt Col Mosese Tikoitoga- Div Comm Central
17. Lt Col Inia  Seruirtu- Div Comm Northern
18.Lt Cmd Jo  Cawaki- Div Comm Western
19. Lt Col Ifereimi Vasu-Div Comm Eastern
20. Lt Col George Langman ADir Ficac
21. Cmd Viliame  Naupoto  Perm Sec Fisheries and Forestry
22. Maj  Nemani Vuniwaqa- Dir Immigration
23. Lt Col Jonasio Mara- Dir Govt Phamaceuticals
24. Maj Ana Rokomakoti- Registrar Min of Justice
25. Capt Aca  Rayawa- Dir Public Prosecution
26. Lt Cmd S Nagali- Dir Fisheries
27. Lt Pajili Dobui – ADir Dismac
28. Capt  Sanaila Seru- Chief Investigator  FICAC
29. Capt Timoci Tuisawau- CEO AFL
30. Lt Col Serevi Vananalagi- Dep Perm Sec  Min of Infrastructure
31. Cmd Francis Kean- Navy Comd/Govt Shipping Head
32. Cmd Semi Koroilavesau- Board Fiji Ports Corporation
33. Cmd  Mosese Semi- Board Hosing Authority
34. Capt Josaia  Naigulevu- Former DPP
35. LT Cmd Salusalu- Govt ITC Service
36. Capt I Raturala-  Dir National Planning /FBC Board
37. Capt Seremaia  Tuiteci- former PM office staff
38. Dr (Col)Jona  Senilagakali- Caretaker PM/ Director Army Medical Scheme

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sara'ssista said...

knock knock, who's there........coming for you in the middle of the night to snatch you away to prison or firing squad, just when you get comfortable. Immunity really think it applies to you....well think again. They should all be summarily executed and quickly... so by the time everyone feels they have an opinion of the death penalty says something, it will already have happened.Then we can apolgise for everything...that's the pacific way.