Friday, April 30, 2010

US Democracy Movement Push for Removing Fiji Troops from UN Operations

Posted on - 30 April 2010

Statement by Loruama Tawawili

This is a special announcement for all freedom fighters from the President of the Democracy and Freedom for Fiji USA.

Our membership drive is in full swing and at this moment I am in Santa Rosa California making pocket meetings and having individual one on one meetings with people who want to know and are still very much afraid of joining us. The main reason for aloofness amongst the Fijian communities is the great scams on their immigration status that has made them very weary of any organization that tries to talk about this very important immigration issue.

Our movement in the USA is fully aware of this and so we have acquired the services of a well known Immigration attorney to help anyone who wants to file their papers with the USA Homeland Security or The Immigration Department to change their immigration status.

This Monday May 3rd, I will lead a Fijian Delegation to meet with USA Marin County Congresswoman Lean Wolsey and for the first time in this struggle, to free Fiji from Bainimarama's illegal power grab, a delegation from the USA Democracy and Freedom for Fiji Movement, will be talking about removing Fijian troops from Sinai operation with a USA Congresswoman.

This is a milestone in our struggle and when we look back to our beginning in San Francisco to the Flamingo meeting in Santa Rosa on the 5th Dec last year, to where we are today, we have indeed come a very very long way.

Let me remind Fiji nationals who are in the USA Illegally that with the illegal decree in place in Fiji today, the USA govt can legally protect you and grant you withdrawal of removal because you must prove beyond reasonable doubt that, you will be arrested and imprisoned if you are deported to Fiji. There is a Decree that states that if you say anything illegal or do anything against Bai's illegal regime, you are guilty of treason and will be arrested tried and imprisoned upon arrival in Fiji. The USA government has recognized that the Democracy and Freedom for Fiji Movement is an organization that is against the illegal regime in Fiji. Your membership with us will ensure your protection of being deported to Fiji.

To everyone in Santa Rosa and neigbouring areas there will be a tea party at Naca and Wati's Residence on Friday 4/30 at 8 pm so please bring soli for that too. Vinaka vakalevu.

Loruama Tawawili

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