Monday, April 05, 2010

Two Senior Police Officers Under Investigation for Insubordination

Fiji Sun News - 5 April 2010
There is a shake up in the top ranks of the Fiji Police Force after the surfacing of an alleged case of insubordination. 

And the loyalty of two senior police officers to Police Commissioner Esala Teleni is now under scrutiny.

Police spokeswoman Ema Dimila confirmed yesterday the allegations were so serious a senior police officer had been questioned by a special investigation team. 
She said another senior officer and a non-commissioned officer who was repatriated from Liberia would be questioned.

“This is a serious matter and I’ll leave it at that for the time being,” Ms Dimila said. 
“There is no place for unfaithful officers in the Fiji Police Force,” she said.

Ms Dimila said now Commissioner Teleni had the “total support of the Fiji Police Force”. 
The two senior police officers were suspended when the case was first reported.

A second senior officer will soon be summoned for an interview, with the likelihood that he too will face charges. 

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