Thursday, April 08, 2010

To All Fiji Freedom and Democracy Advocates

Posted on - 08 April 2010

Bula to all freedom and democracy advocates and campaigners. I just want to re-assure you all that these people governing Fiji illegally as the unelected government are as predictable as the breaking of dawn every morning. If you want to know their next move and where they have been getting all their ideas from in terms of:

1) Using the law and introducing new decrees to silence and lock up perceived enemies and critics; and

2) the latest move to curb media freedom

plus many more past and future decrees/policies/actions , all one needs to do is read the book they have been using as their blueprint which I read way back in 1998.

Sinagpore: From Third World to First by Lee Kwan Yew

Reading it will open your eyes to their grand plan. Only problem is that Singapore is not Fiji. We are not strategically located in the Strait of Malacca and we have an indigenous majority population.

Also, the wannabe PM Suguraki and illegal Khaiyum, their ability put together, still do not have the intellectual capacity and vision of Lee Kwan Yew. Period.

They need to come up with something more original for Fiji before I can believe them. 

But then again, I still will not believe them given they are unelected and illegal.

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