Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Surfing Past Fiji Military Censorship of Freedom Blogs

Posted on Matavuvale.com - 06 April 2010

Circulate this link to your family and friends in Fiji who cannot access matavuvale.com and other freedom blog sites because of Military censorship by way of those hackers from India who are being paid precious taxpayer money.

Download and run the programme while you surf the internet

Here below is how they present their site to internet users.

Our Mission
Inform, connect, and empower the people in closed societies with information on a free Internet.

Our Vision
The Great Firewall will be taken down as the Berlin Wall.

We Stand Together
To fight the Goliath of repressive Internet censorship, we, a few leading companies and grassroots organizations on the front line, formed an alliance, the Global Internet Freedom Consortium.

There is no freedom without freedom of information. There is no freedom of information without Internet freedom.

Download and run programme while you surf the internet.

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