Monday, April 26, 2010

Stern warning issued to PWD employees

Fiji Village News - 26 April 2010

Permanent Secretary for Works Cama Tuiloma

A clear warning has been sent out to all the PWD employees working at the Mechanical, Electrical and Plant Pool department to stop stealing various equipment.

Permanent Secretary for Works, Cama Tuiloma has told the workers that he has heard that the department is a notorious place for thefts and stealing of parts and components, and even whole plants, vehicles and equipment. 

Tuiloma said people have been stealing the items and then selling them for their personal benefit for years.

He said apart from stealing parts, he has also found out that vehicle abuse and theft of fuel is rampant in the Mechanical, Electrical and Plant Pool Division.

Tuiloma said vehicles brought in from other ministries and departments for repairs, are not properly repaired and sometimes cannibalized and returned to clients after a long time, only to break down again. 

He said this is the reason why the ministries do not take the vehicles to the division for repair.

It has been clearly stated that anyone caught stealing will be sacked.

It has also been highlighted to the division workers that many have established certain work habits like sitting around and doing nothing, conversing with workmates, wasting time and not being productive and wandering in and out of the workplace as they please.

Tuiloma said many workers come in the morning, do half a day=s work, insist that they need to do overtime, and expect a full salary at the end of the week or two weeks. 

He said some of the senior staff also has these habits and these have to stop now.

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