Friday, April 16, 2010

Senior Police Officers Arrested for Calling Teleni "An Idiot"

Police insubordination

Posted on - Friday, April 16, 2010
TWO senior police officers who were suspended for insubordination are now in police custody. Police spokeswoman Ema Dimila said the Fiji Police Force would not condone actions that undermined their standards of discipline and ethics.
Police Commissioner Esala Teleni had ordered investigations into the allegations of insubordination.
Ms Dimila said the special police team investigated allegations of unfaithfulness and rebellious attitudes toward the running of the police force and its new leader.
She said it was important for senior officers to show allegiance to the Force.


sara'ssista said...

is alleged insubordination or calling someone an 'idiot' something you can be detained for ???? Apparently in Fiji.

Sai Lealea said...


Just shows how perverted and desperate the illegal regime has become in hanging on to power.

Childish and silly behaviour in any other jurisdiction but not in Fiji where you have an illegal regime that gets paranoid at whatever is said or thought of its rule. That is just the sad reality about Fiji at the moment.

It will all end when the illegal regime is booted out on the return of an elected government.