Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Lewis questions Aussie and NZ stance on Fiji

Fiji Broadcasting Corporation, April 27, 2010

A former member of the South Australian Parliament has questioned the on going sour relationship between Fiji and its Trans-Tasman neighbors.

In a public lecture today on Coups and Constructive Commitment, at the Fiji National University, Peter Lewis challenged those present to decide whether or not Fiji needed the 2006 coup.

However, Lewis says it is up to the people of Fiji to decide if the coup has made things better or worse for Fiji.

He says he does not understand why the relationship between Fiji and Australia and New Zealand differ when compared to other countries that are worse off.

Lewis highlighted that there is no bloodshed happening in Fiji compared to other countries and yet Australia and New Zealand has better relationships with these other countries and not Fiji.

He says Fiji seems to be doing well under the leadership of someone who gained absolute power without elections, and the best way forward is to take the current Prime Minister at his word and remind him of it at regular intervals, through objective remarks.

Comments posted on Matavuvale.com

  • Here is another donkey who thinks that brushing the dirt (no bloodshed) under the rug will make things right. How can you ask the people of Fiji as you suggest ? when they are under the PER rules and are not allowed to voice their honest opinion but are only allowed to suqar coat the illegality to get favourable preference.
  • Peter Lewis...a donkey, a maverick, a neither here nor there individual, a disrespectful person...all the birds with the same feather as Voreqe and his bunch of thieves.
  • Any foreigner who dare to make public statement in Fiji will do what Peter Lewis did. It is called DIPLOMACY in this chaotic world we live in. I call it speaking with forked tongues. I am sure that Mr Peter Lewis had a good time in Fiji, and must have been congratulated by the present government. What a bunch of low down unprincipled hypocrites some of these leaders have become. No wonder our whole world is in such a mess!
  • This quote from Peter lewis statement in the post above by Suliasi Daunitutu. "Fiji seems to be doing well under the leadership of someone who gained absolute power without elections" This was part of his lecture at the Fiji National University. In this brief report from FBC we can figure out that lewis was only speaking positively towards the regime in Fiji. He could not say anything negative because if he did then that would be his ticket back home. What a coward! We should continue to support Australia and New zealand in the move to get Fiji back to democracy.
  • Peter Lewis don't insult the intelligence of those honest Fijians who oppose the Military Coup.It is best for you not to say anything at all.Your naivety frightens me and two wrongs cannot make it right in million years.Voreqe is a traitor and a Dictator too, who had murdered his own people.To support him is wrong and supporting his cause is very dangerous.

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